Virgin Island, Bantayan

Wow! was the first word I uttered when the pump-boat started to slow down and see the Virgin Island even closer.

As you know, Philippines has a lot of islands to offer from local to foreign people, and there are definitely some of those you already eyeing to go to – like Boracay or Palawan. But happy to share that I found paradise in Cebu. Yes, you read it right, paradise!


When my friend told me that we should not be missed the Virgin Island in Bantayan, my first thought was the Island that I’ve been once in Bohol. I did not know until my friend clarified it to me that the Virgin Island in Bohol is a different Island too. (Oooh, a lot of never been touch islands here in PH :P )


As usual, we enjoyed the beautiful Island during sunset which is truly amazing. However, you better stay here from morning or noon to experience more of it, and at least you can say that the entrance fee you pay is worth it. HAHA. Yes, white beach is not free. LOL. The Island has cottages as well if you bring food the better plus there are also hammock around the area so it will be utterly awesome to stay longer. Bit sad for us ‘cos we only stayed 2 hours. A pump boat ride from Sta. Fe, to where we stayed overnight, going to Virgin Island will take 30mins.

The view is really stunning during sunset or sunrise, we had our Hawaii pose here too. 😛

I am sure that this won’t be my last time here. See you soon beautiful island.




Initial expenses:

Item                         Price
Pump-boat             Php800.00
Snorkeling Gear    Php200.00
Entrance                 Php500.00
Total                        Php1,500.00



Some of the photos I captured is featured in Beauty In God’s Creations: Including Man-Made.

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