Bohol Day Tour

I’ve been longing to travel to Bohol since 2017 started and finally, I was able to visit it this summer – with my family.

Yep, you read it right – family!


Well actually, with my parents and my little brother at heart. My, real, brother is still completing his internship and can’t make it with us. While my sister is 4,854 miles away, so yeah.

From Cagayan de Oro we took a ferry going to Tagbilaran City via TransAsia: Asia Philippines. Which we arrived approximately at 4:30 A.M then by 5:00 A.M we went to McDonald’s to eat something before our countryside day tour starts, the driver picked us up at 6:00 A.M.

And so it started at Chocolate Hills.








It was gloomy that day and has little rain shower as well so you could see from the photos that it was foggy. We arrived in here as early 7:20 A.M, it was looking fine after 30 minutes. Then we headed next to Butterly Sanctuary.





They also sell homemade ice cream with real fruit. It’s a must try.

Our next move was to Tarsier Conservation Area.





As usual, Tarsiers are still very cute. I was sad though because I thought we could have a short encounter with one of the Tarsier just like before I was here. Unfortunately, they won’t allow it anymore because that tarsier I was referring to is already gone – dead.

We also stopped by at Loboc Man-Made Forest, you will love it here especially if you have an eye for photography. Just look at that high lines trees. 🙂





Our last stop before having a river cruise lunch was at The Bamboo Hanging Bridge. It was enjoyable here although my knees were sort of trembling, I didn’t mind it because my mom was terrified <evil laugh> – in a hilarious way. I mean, you know, my dad was teasing her more by jumping, and it was utterly hilarious. I haven’t really taken more picture because of dad, haha, but grabbed some from him. The staff there will take a photo for a mandatory souvenir picture, and it has a lovely view (see my first photo here).






Time for lunch, early lunch rather.

I was little a disappointed though. This is not my first time in Bohol actually and the tour experience as well. I was expecting the Loboc River Lunch will be full of seafood mainly crabs, but it was not. However, the foods are delicious. I love the chicken curry and the noodles (pancit).





Due to lack of sleep while on the ferry, we haven’t stopped at Blood Compact Shrine and Baclayon Church anymore. By the way, Baclayon church is still under renovation because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake last 2013.

But before we finally go to our accommodation we stopped by first at Bee Farm to try their organic ice cream, I was surprised because they’re using a cassava cone. So unique and you should try their unusual flavors like Spicy Ginger, Malunggay, Buko and Dragon Fruit.


Check our island hopping here:


Day tour package: Php 4,800

4 seat car with driver

All entrances + Lunch

Tips: Better if you pay for your entrance fees.

3 thoughts on “Bohol Day Tour

  1. Looks like you had so much fun Shira! It’s been a while since I stopped by your blog. Beautiful pictures by the way. Thanks for sharing your adventures 😀


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