Day Hopping

What could possibly be a high reward for a 6 hours day tour and a short nap?

Beach of course. 😉



I wasn’t so lucky for those days we stayed in Panglao, girl thing came – so yeah dealt with it! But I never let myself down and still enjoyed our stay here. Only positive vibes. 🙂

Fast forward to the next day, we had Dolphin Watching and Island Hopping day.




We started our island activity as early as 6 AM but earlier than that would be amazing and very recommend especially if it is a really sunny day – Dolphins won’t give you a show if the sun is starting to rise that much.

We headed next to Balicasag Island, a very very sweet Island that full of marine life. Dad and Kevin enjoyed their snorkeling time here. As for mom, hilarious moments again, she can’t swim, don’t trust the lifejacket; call me bad-ass daughter, but it was funny but worried at the same. If only I’ve joined them, perhaps mom wouldn’t be that so scared to try. You can also do scuba diving in Balicasag, a super right spot for the activity.







Before we call it a day for our Island hopping experience, last stop was the Virgin Island. Seeing the island again went beyond my expectation. I was in awe of its real beauty, way a lot better if high tide.




Beyond perfect isn’t it?

You can also have a mini picnic here, someone is selling/making BananaQ, real coconut juice, and mini grilling house too.


Total tour expenses:

Php 2,700 – Php 100 (snorkeling gear)


Check our Day Tour here:


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