Panglao Experience

Panglao is one of the many Island you can’t get enough with here in the Philippines. The photos I will share in this post will never justify the beauty of this island.

We spent a little time in Alona Beach on our first day, and a half day after our island hopping and a whole morning on our 3rd day. Waste no time in paradise. 😉

And so, here is our Alona Beach, Panglao experience.


After we had a short nap from our day tour, we immediately indulge ourselves in the sea breeze. It was a little bit crowded and also getting low tide. Short but worthwhile.



On our second day after we enjoyed our island hopping, Kevin was still wanting and asking for more swimming time. He can’t get enough, I bet no one will.






And before we head back to our accommodation, we had our lunch first at Bee Farm. This restaurant has a magnificent view, and their food is good too. Tips tho, Tinolang Manok (Native Chicken Soup) is already good for two and just add extra rice.



We didn’t do anything else after that, we just relaxed, slept, dine at Lost Horizon for dinner then just waited for the next day – our last day to savor the paradise.



As expected, morning walk really felts so right!


If you are on a tight budget and you are in Tawala area in Panglao, just go to ‘Shop Me – Mini Mart.’ It’s a self-service store in which you can choose and make your own coffee or hot chocolate, they sell it in sachet + cup + hot water set, they also make Silog Meals. Perfect for backpackers.



After we reached the Hennan Resort, which is the almost end in Tawala area, we decided to go back and just have breakfast at Isis Bungalows – Isis Thai Restaurant. And I didn’t regret to choose this restaurant for our last day; good food plus beachfront view which is an advantage because they still have time to swim while waiting. We ordered the Filipino Breakfast, I just wish though that they served the small dried Danggit and not the big ones. It would have been so perfect.



And so after we were all done eating and they can say that they had enough for a morning swim, we head back to our accommodation to wash up and pack our things. Time to go home!

Before we leave Panglao Island, I really wanted to buy one scoop of organic/homemade ice cream by Bee Farm. Would be my third since day 1 and I can go for more. Php 60.00 per one scoop.



Kevin had Avocado, dad for Dragonfruit, mom for Durian and I for Spicy Ginger. I tried first their Buko and then Malunggay, the last one is something I wanted to undo. HAHA. Jeez, too spicy. It is good, really good it’s just the spicy level I can’t handle. You can taste the ginger and savor the spiciness in your throat. LOL. Ice cream is something to enjoy and not to worry each time you lick it. HAHA

By the way, we stayed at Alona Grove Tourist Inn. Their family room is Php 1,800 which is good for 4 people, the rate is excluded breakfast. Wifi is slow indoor, 3-5 minutes walk to the beach. If you’re looking for other cheap Hostel, try Moon Fools Hostel. I heard they have stable and decent wifi, it’s 5-8 minutes walk to the beach. I chose AGTI because their tour package is cheaper and getting a family room is way more practical than getting 4 beds, Moon Fools has a private room-accommodation though but only good for 3. So, just click the links and will go through their Facebook Page.


And so that’s it, that was our Panglao experience. How about you? Have you ever been in Panglao too? Or when was your last paradise experience?


Day Tour here

Day Hopping here





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