Hello, WordPress!

It’s really been awhile, WordPress.

I have been MIA and back and MIA and repeat for the last 4 years in the blogging community. Often I join Weekly Photo Challenge, and I merely post anything. Even those travels I wanted to share has been a long queue already. Definitely not a writer’s block, getting busy as an excuse which I think is acceptable. And it can be a loss of interest in blogging, perhaps.

Yes, as busy as I get, somehow at the end of a long day I think of sharing things. It brings me back to my memory lane in WordPress blogging years back, where sharing random stuff was a reliever to my overthinking mind, where reading comments and getting to know new people was a fun journey, where being tagged to a blogging award or meme was such an honor to receive and pass on.

I even do wonder, how are the people I have known back then? Are they still blogging? What are the things they are up to? Are there new weekly challenge or meme that I missed?

I am still in touch with few of my blogging friends. How about you?

What about me? What am I up to these days?

Well, I am currently in Kuwait living with the family of my sister. She and my nephew are the ones are in my featured image by the way. So, I’ll be posting some the photos I have captured for my 9 months, and counting, stay here in Kuwait.

I also have set up a blog for my freelancing thing recently, finally, for 2 years of planning to do so. Which I hope I can commit to. You can check it out what I do.

I hope to keep on updating this 7 years old blog of mine.


I hope you are doing well as well.

If you read up to here, how long have you been blogging? Were you constant or been in and out as well like me? Are you looking for inspiration to keep on track?


–  Shira xOxO –

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