All-Time Favorites

The final edition of Weekly Photo Challenge has come, and the Daily Post staff-contributors share their favorite photos and invite the community to do the same.

Yes, you read it right – the “final edition.” Are you surprised? Well, me too. In fact I am, still, shook!!!

Just over a month when I decided to go back to blogging again, and this happened, The Daily Post has come to an end. It saddened me because I have stored a lot of photos for Weekly Photo Challenge. Although I haven’t participated in Daily Prompts since my come back, in fact, my last response to Daily Prompts was April 2015 – if I am not mistaken, I will still miss it.

By the time I saw the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge I don’t want to believe it. I mean, how come – right? So I look around and find an answer to my why, why it has to end?! Then I saw the Thank You post of Ben. So maybe, let’s wait and see what’s in store for onwards.

Meanwhile, here are my all-time favorites. I am sorry, it just can’t be one.


I love how I candidly captured this moment, check my ’by the sea’ post.


Okay, this is one is in Boulevard, I will share this place soon right after the scheduled post will be published this Thursday about how I see the Boulevard for the first time. Stay tuned!


This one is in Kuwait Scientific Center. I am in love with the view.


Foggy view of Chocolate Hills during our Bohol Day Tour.


The city I love coming back, always, Cebu.


The Lake, a restaurant complex here in Kuwait.

I could go for more, but maybe I’ll save it for my future posts.

2 thoughts on “All-Time Favorites

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