Over a year ago, I had a chance to visit the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. That was right after I explored The Mind Museum at Taguig. Even though I only stayed here cut-short, I think I captured interesting things enough including this tree.

We call it Balete Tree.

There’s a local folklore story going around about Balete. They say supernatural beings are living inside the tree. When I was in Elementary, our school has this big Balete tree, as a kid who was easy to scare – I did believe them and even walk in a hurry each time I pass through to that tree, some kids were also running as fast as they can. We also utter the words “tabi-tabi po” or “tabi-apo” in our countryside, as a gesture of excusing ourselves if ever we bother those supernatural creatures.

Until now we still say “tabi-apo” whenever we pass by to any something-folklore places. Even though this is just a folklore story, we grew up to this. Our childhood filled with mythical stories – some were happy, some were interesting, but mostly were scary.

We were once a kid. Do you have any folklore story that you also once believe in when you were a kid?


COB: June 17, 2018

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