I want to be a singer

It feels good to hear myself

But birds did not share even a “tweet” of voice

I want to be a dancer

I love to see myself grooving

But motion is against my passion

I want to be a director

I like to put my  imaginations into reality rolling on

But dark chocolates taste a few nightmares

But I think life is just the way it is

It flicks, and only mystery can give a magical view of what life is

But what does I really love to do?

I love to be a writer

I want to write even a little none sense of my thoughts

Pure thoughts can reveal a little puzzle of life.




I’m bored
Now I’m thinking of you
Nothing comes to my mind now
But, I can only imagine and see you
It’s not that I’m bored
I just only remember you
Every second
Only you bound in my heart
There’s no way for me not to think of you
What I’m gonna do if it’s only you
I can just see you
Are you the same the way I like you?
I doubt that
I know you can’t see me anymore
You see no one but her
How I hope ‘her’ is my name
The first time you intentionally look me into my eyes
Was it a trap?
A trap for me to fell for you?
Well, around of applause for you
I did!
And until now I can’t seem to escape
What were your deceiving eyes done to me?
What was in you that until now,
I’m still holding on
Even if there’s none?