I’m The Only Girl In The World

A friend of mine post this status on facebook and I truly want to share this because I believe, people should love and should be love back this way.
Honestly, when a guy loves you, he won’t care if you have bad breath in the morning, he’ll still kiss you. He won’t care if you have eye boogers, he’ll still look at you dead in the eye. He won’t care if your hair’s looking all messy, he’ll still want to play with it. He won’t care if you’re all sweaty & haven’t showered yet, he’ll still hug you. He won’t care if you haven’t shaved your legs, he’ll still feel up on them. He won’t care if you’re on your period, he’ll still look at you like you’re normal & not like you’re crazy. He won’t care if your face is looking plain, he’ll still think you are beautiful. See, when a guy loves you, there are no such things as flaws as to him because to him, you are flawless. Everything you hate about yourself, he will help you learn to accept. Everything you are insecure about, he will help you get comfortable with. Everything you wish you can change, he will make you feel perfect.

– tony


Been a long time WP :).  Lot of changes here, I’m lovin’ it tho.

Good night world.

I’m Walking On Sunshine Ohwhoa! ;)

I’m in love with Xian Lim when he sing this for Mcdo Commercial for McFloat Summer Medley! I tried the Green Apple Float yesterday and t’was so terrific. I even got two order of combo! Tho, I’m looking forward to try the BlueBerry. Many said it taste like a med, hmmm…. lemme try some other time! Tho I’m really hooked with Green Apple. One of their crew ask to interview me, just for short survey about their store, products, services and suggestion. Well, lucky for them cos yesterday was a perfect set of orders. So, I gave them an excellent review. (Yes, I know I’m kind). Hello I’m a regular customer of Lim Ketkai McDonal’s Store. I’m looking forward to try all the floats before the promo ends, before the summer ends indeed. So to all Filipinos/Noypi out there especially Kagay-anons, LET’S WALK ON SUNSHINE 😀

I’m a Mcdo Girl ©Shira2012

Maccas for stressful day!

Yesterday was ain’t that good to share with! So I’m not going to share the story about it! But instead, what makes feel better.

There’s a bee, good to talk with. LOL. And Fia, who I can always run to. She’s polite enough to go with me yesterday at the hooOoray store.