What Could Life Give Us …

“Sometimes, simple things are the most difficult things to achieve.”

-Keanu Reeves


Don’t make it complicated as it could be ….

If you wanted to be understood, you must understand others too. Its doesn’t mean you almost have the grudges in life that a person could have, you will always be the one to be understood  very well. God gives us challenges and he think and see that you can surpass those all and beyond your limitation you can fulfill what it has to be.

Just don’t give pity much to yourself.

~ Just sayin’ …

~ Shira

Because is a word that counts what to ponder ….

Because we are busy minding our own emotions, we unintentionally become selfish. Because we are busy minding our own wants, we unintentionally ignore the feelings of people that surrounds us.  Because we unintentionally unnoticed what counts more, we destined to lose some things we ever needed.

~ Shira

What would you choose?

What would you choose?

To have a cup coffee with creamer but without sugar or a to have a cup of beer?

What would you choose?

To  smell the perfect aroma that brought by coffee or a to hand a cold beer that could take your thirst for a moment?

What would a person choose if all s/he wanted to taste is the bittersweet brought of damn sick love?

How about you? Yes YOU, you who’s reading this question, what would you choose? Care to reason out?

All asked by Shira …..



If only you knew that I care about you, you will know how hard it must be in my part to be lost in time that destiny fulfills us to be.

Tho, would my faith will stop me from walking away from things that are far to be seen? Would you stop me?

~ Shira


Featured Image: knowing-when-to-walk-away