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====== MY HITLIST ======

Daphnee, a sweet young 16. My longest ever blog follower. Age doesn’t limit imagination, check how she think way much and find what’s on Evil Nymph Stuff ….

April! A zombie fanatic, Resident Evil lover, my eater. See how a decaying heart filled with poetry and randomness touches my soul. Check The Sally Stitches.

Fia, a supportive friend ever, always listens to me especially those times I can’t help being falling into pieces, a friend who catches me. Her randomness makes me annoy but somehow that is what something we have in common. Blue Fia Diarries who is so much a lover of Blue Butterfly.

Rhea, so do with fia, she’s a friend. A friend I do laugh with. A friend which you can count on. Join her journey as she begin her new life, new blog at Today Her Life Begins.

Tom Baker, a wonderful person that can be everybody’s friend. A person who genuinely love people, who look after and care with his friends. A person who shows respect and kindness. A Kuya(brother) that I could ever ask for. A lot of thoughts that you never expect to find at Morning Erection.

Janice, coffee lover, a singer and I am a number one fan, a traveler, a gorgeous chic adventurer of life. Check her story at Your Daily Dose Blog.

Michael, a man that full of goodness in heart, a writer of daily inspiring thoughts that should be ever be ponder. Be motivate, have happy heart and Have A Dream.

Autumn and Gab, the twinnie that explore life together, they can not be separate for their heart and soul coincide with one passion. Visit the Twinnies and join their journey.

Steve, a cyclist. Passionate on his rides. A father that paddle with his kids. Find out how far does The Disabled Cyclist go.

Micah, the first Filipino blogger I came to know. Find out how she share random stuffs, anything in between at Micanonymous.

Cel, a mother of 2 and also a Filipina. We have something in common, we are BISDAK (Bisayang Dako). Funny. We are Bisaya who lives at different province of Mindanao. See Puddinggirl.

Sometimes Nothing is on our mind. Sean, a man that full of poetic thought.

People Have Dreams even deep inside of us, we dream and dream even more.

* Updated 8/7/12

 ==========Photography  ==========

Shimmering Grains

* 8/18/12

*That’s all for now. I’ll update the page whenever I add someone in my hitlist.

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