Snow White And The Huntsman

I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart but I am fan of action. I’m not a fan of Snow White but I am a fan of adventure. And the trailer just caught my interest. Last Tuesday, I was able to watched the movie and nevertheless it is worth it.

The Movie and The Characters:

Huntsman is a fearless protector and Snow White is a kind brave princess that a palace could be proud of. Not only drama and action but the movie brought a little comedy, the scene where they met the dwarfs. I also remember the movie Alice in wonderland when they reach the secret paradise in where the dwarfs live. Ravenna is a courageous evil indeed.

The Artists:

I don’t know why Kristen Stewart hit the Hollywood but I’m not convinced on how she act, even in Twilight tho I admit there are some scene that she really made it well. And what I like about her is how she shows intimacy in a kissing scene. Oh well.

I haven’t seen Thor’s movie but I saw Avengers. Chris Hemsworth is cool and he played the Huntsman’s role very well besides Chris is a beautiful man.

-> I can’t comment on others simply because I won’t 😛 seriously I don’t know them. LOL

What’s next in our movie trip is THE DICTATOR. I can’t wait to laugh. Ha ha. That if the theaters here will released the movie. 😛 Does anyone here saw the 21 Jump Street of Channing Tatum, the movie is hilarious too. Such a crazy cops. 😛

That’s all for today. Boston and Miami’s game is starting. Good Luck for both teams.

Have a great Sunday and weekend all.

~ Shira

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret.

Regretting is a mistake that can be done. Wash away those regrets, start growing and glowing inside! Thanks for this post MD…. last night I was thinking about to ask someone when my tomorrow comes.. and yes I will definitely do that today..this post simply gives me more courage to do it, so that the regret of not doing so will not happen!

Be careful. Someone’s checking on you!

In every course of action we do, in every single word we say…. be careful enough, someone’s checking them all. You might do or say words that unconsciously its driving a stick right straight to your heart! And maybe for some other time, you will wake up and says: “Damn..I shouldn’t do/say that”. It’s a lesson that.. think million times before giving a word and care to flash back if you really didn’t something that won’t reciprocates to your A.K.A “words of wisdom”.