I Can Do That….

2. Eating Alone at Restaurants

I don’t need someone to sit across from me in order to enjoy my delicious sandwich. Going out to eat isn’t always about being social; sometimes you just want a solid meal and to just sit there and to have it served to you. Being surrounded by people who are laughing joyously in groups while they eat doesn’t strike much envy into my heart, so don’t feel sorry for me if you see me hunched over baked macaroni n cheese, alone and silent, at the corner table of a busy restaurant. I am content. The same goes for seeing movies alone, although I get the sense that society is generally more comfortable with that one.

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The feeling on earth that can’t I escape!

I’m always wondering, am I really that wrecker? Am I always screwing things up? Do I always fucked you up? Wherein all I do is just being me? Dang it! Why do I have always this feeling that everybody’s gonna leave me the moment I do a single mistake. Why I have this feeling to be so cold, to be so unkind, to be so mad at the world, to be so homeless! Why I have this feeling I want to be alone ALL the time!

Why’s that despite how I try to be so happy, things suddenly turns to be so obscure! Oh please, don’t say it’s a challenge of life. I’m sick of it! 


Dun Dun Dun Duuh

We don’t know what would be the title post yet we write, we say things, thoughts we could think of. ~ Shira

Running away from the crowd and run to where you find yourself better. Suppose to be, you would be satisfied with that. Being alone you thought you can think, the truth is …that’s amiss to prove to yourself that you can be better than you are. Even a tree can’t live without water. You need the presence of people who you feel so safe, where every smile can heal you.

Walk with HIM and you can always see HIS smile, feel HIS warmth and you’ll be safe. In HIS grace, we live completely. ~ Shira

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