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An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Daily Prompt: Race the Clock

An offer I couldn’t refuse is working in the Art gallery or any art/crafts related work. I might be a painter, a cleaner, a clerk, an assistant of the painter, any position that may give me a chance to interact with Arts, see an artwork every day. Arts/crafts/DIY simply makes me feel good.

I miss painting by the way.

When I were in the educational store around 11AM, saw a set of watercolor. Hmm… gonna bring back my unbelievable talent. HAHAHA. (Look who’s talking) No, seriously I just playing with colors I’m not really an artist not even good. Just sayin’.

PS: Writing this challenge while mom busy asking me something plus this timer. LOL

10min and 9 seconds.

Holding into nothing!

Art Title: Flew
Medium: Watercolor | Sketch Pad

It’s not easy to give up but what’s easy is. to let go when you know you’re holding into nothing!

Quote ©Shira2012

Darkness filled within me

Art Title: The Darkness Filled Within Me
Medium: Watercolor; Drawing Pad

My Interpretation

Things seems to be obscure

I can see darkness

Amiss thoughts

Unravel my words

The darkness filled within me

When light save my righteous of happiness

When colors painted my unmindful steps

To live is big doubt to breath.