First Task: Who Am I?

Today I welcome myself to Zero to Hero 30 Days to a better blog 🙂 Are you interested? Feel free to join and let’s face the world together!

I started blogging in the year 2010, months after I started working as a Search Engine Optimizer. Part of my task before was link wheel or what we commonly called blog posting then sooner and later I get to know more about blogging and it has deeper value than marketing a product or a business. Blogging builds a community where writers, poets, photographers, artists  share their passion that needs to be shout-out!

As I call myself a blogger I become a photographer, poet and a writer of my own E-journal where I write my emotion, my thoughts and experience that I have been to. And because I am a greedy human being as well, I call myself a blogger to earn money which turn out be an unsuccessful path of my career. HAHA

But as time goes by I become an avid traveler who loves to wander anywhere she wants to and as I bloom, I wanted to share those experience especially how fun that adventure was.  And because of that I want to connect and follow blogs who shares their unforgettable days and moments of life. I’d love to be friends with people who can make me promise to myself that ‘Hey Shira, You gotta need to go/try it! One day!

I want to fill my blog with my memoir throughout the year! And I will definitely do it!

Let’s Face The World


Community Network Meme – July 2012

Finally, today is July 1 !!! Let’s rock all for …


Are new to this Meme? Maybe what’s right next to your mind is …What’s this Meme about? I can’t answer you (HAHA), but you can read posts that explains everything. Click – SpoOoOon!

So … let me start folks ^^ be with me for awhile and feel free to leave comments! (smile)









1. When you were a child what was the hardest or scariest thing in the world (i.e. movie, book, chore, etc.) to you that as an adult is neither hard nor scary?

FLYING COCKROACH – Please stay away from me!

2. If you were offered the chance to be a cooking star on a Food Network show, which of these three would you choose for a mentor: Bobby Flay, Giada de Laurentis or Alton Brown?

To be honest, I don’t know these folks so I decided to choose by name and that’s Bobby Flay. I guess Tom won’t put them if they’re not good. Ayt? But I heard, Tom had a dinner party among other bloggers, thinking I think he’s a chef too. I’d love to try your specialty Tom! Soon!

3. What is your favorite theme offered by your blogging platform that you are not using and what theme do you absolutely hate? Provide links to both along with your explanation.

Basic Maths is my most favorite theme of all. Grid Focus and Morning After are somewhat look alike and you might wondering why I didn’t use either of the free theme offered by WP. Basic Maths is simpler that any of other themes, organized and so smooth to look at (that’s only what I think!). And other one is Petite Melodies. Check it out and you will love its heading that full of cute cartoons.

While those are what I admire on wordpress themes, I hate WordPress Classic. I love classic,but this one? Its boring for me and too simple.

4. Who is someone from your past that you are sorry you lost track of?

I would choose one of my closest friend, Jn(we call each other ‘sis’). I lost track of her since 2012. I didn’t hear from her since December which supposedly we will meet but didn’t even happened. I miss you sis.

5. What would you take to a deserted island?

Deserted island is exciting for me. Feels like I’m having a camping, alone is more exciting. And if it happens to me and have a chance to choose what to take to a deserted Island, I will choose BLANKET! Why? For me, Blanket can be useful and be anything as how you wanted to use it.

6. If you could get into the mind  of anyone (living or dead) and read all their thoughts, whose mind would you choose to raid?

I’ll be happily to raid Google’s webmaster(s) mind. Google today is so complicated so I wanna know what’s in their mind and get ready for another update they will have.

7. What are the entire contents of the top drawer of the table directly next to your side of the bed?

Sorry! I don’t have a drawer next to my bed.

8. What is the one thing you have in your dorm, apartment, or house that you never want your parents to find.

Definitely, my Diary! Heck, I won’t let them read my diary, not until I am Heavenly Father’s arm already.

9. Your daughter is having a sleepover for her 12th birthday. Around 8:00 pm a thunderstorm knocks out power. How do you entertain twelve pre-teen girls when all the cell-phone batteries have died?

Sure thing, I will be a mother of this girl and how will I entertain her friends?

I will wear my best horror costume and make up that could scare them and that will make them decide to just go to sleep. (EVIL laugh)

Jeez, seriously? IDK! Hmmm… maybe I will invite in hot tub and have a little long chit chat. (Yes, I am boring mom to be. HAHA)

10. What aspect/trait about your personality are you most sensitive about (as in, you wouldn’t stand anyone criticizing about this one aspect)?

That I am a Jealous! Jealousy! PLEASE! But hey, I do admit I’ve been jealous too, such as if I see people who’s eating yummy foods(droll), been in adventure/beautiful trip. Sometimes jealous about friends/relationships.

What I’m saying is, I am sensitive when people do say it in a very wrong time/thought. Whenever I say, I AM NOT JEALOUS. I am really not! So, when you’ll ask me and I’ll answer “I’m not”. Don’t ever dare to say it to other people that I got jealous. If ever you’ve been close to me, you know when I am lying!

11. Mr. Tom Baker has had two previous virtual nude dinner parties. He is now inviting you, his blogger friends to his home for a real nude dinner party. This is not a virtual dinner party; it is the real thing with all expenses paid and the usual five-course dinner prepared by him. Will you or will you not be present at the said nude party?

I can say, opportunities comes once in a blue moon for me. So if Mr.Tom will invite me to his nude party with all the expense shoulder by him, I will be happy to come over to his place and eat what he prepared for us, guests. Besides, being nude will show my beautiful butt that many get jealous to have one. (HAH)

12. What one piece of movie memorabilia from which movie would you love to own? My answer –

I don’t know this question! HAHA So I need to search it and thanks for wikipedia, found list of film memorabilia

I choose Superman! I love Superman! Superman! I’m looking for my Superman too.

13. If literary characters were real and you could interview any one of them, who would it be and what’s the first question you would ask?

I would chose, Katerina Petrova of Vampire Diaries or most known as Katherine Pierce. Even she’s a a little antagonist of present story of the series I love her character, much!

I will ask her: “I know you love Stefan and you care about Damon, but if ever you would die for any of them, would you? After all, we know that you just always look after to yourself!”

14. If you had to choose a theme song for yourself from only the Classical genre, which song would it be?

I’ve been addicted to If You Love Me by Brownstone !!! (oOowhps, is it classic?)

15. What is your most quirky habits.

Sorry folks, I couldn’t be honest to you with this. (NEXT ….)

16. When was the last time you took the time to act like a child and what did you do?

I think just yesterday? the other day? Asking foods! Have you done that? Sure you do!

17. If there was ever a past relationship, (friend or otherwise), that you could go back and mend, would you? Who would it be with, and why?

I would not! I won’t because its hard, its complicated. I won’t even how I wanted to mend that friendship. I won’t cos its hard to mend when you already moved on. I won’t because its the sweetest friendship I had that I couldn’t afford to lose again if ever if I would choose to, still at the end of the day it will slowly and faded just like how it used to be. You don’t know how I was the time destiny tried how strong I can be.

18. What would you do if all of your followers left comments daily and would be it be too much for you to handle? Would you hire someone to answer comments for you?

No. I would never do that unless I do not have the capability to type. I would love to reply all the comments all done by myself.

19. Do you know how far back your ancestry goes on either side of your family tree? How far?

No. HAHA – Call me who doesn’t care about ancestry. But honestly no. I know till second degree! (Pobrecita)

20. If you could compare yourself to anything in the universe, what would you compare yourself to? Why?
– For instance, someone might choose the Phoenix because it’s reborn from its ashes, Someone who derives strength from pain and failures and tries to rise above them all might select the Phoenix.

I would compare Shira to a flying kite at sky. A colorful one.

If people will try to get me out from the sky and when I am getting closer to them, they will discover how beautiful I am, how great I can be, how better I can be as a person to keep more than just to look up far from the sky.


Thank you all for spending time to read my entry for Community Network Meme! I also want to take this chance to apologize for all my kindly fellow bloggers who leave comments not just in this post(if ever) but for those previous entry that I have, sorry for not responding( its not my usual thing, you know that). Soon I’ll make up guys.

And to the Meme. I want to thank you, Tom, for letting me a part of this community meme. Even one question here made weep (yes, it’s terrible) I feel so awesome answering these questions and its full of fun!

Congrats to all Meme’s participants! You made it. I made it. We made it! Thank you to Tom’s Map ^^


 Please do visit them as well. Thank beautiful wonders on earth!

Saying A Huge Thank You!

Alrighty howdy!! How are ya? Feels so good as I am? 😀

So I want to get to the point here people, I want to say Thank You to two certain bloggers!

First to Aisha! Have you gone to her scrapyard? Well, consider this as an invitation! 😉

Thank You Aisha for giving me a Sunshine Award and I’m grateful that somehow my blog does! (see her post here). And hep that yet over, and I’m so so so surprised in your post, which I read last Sunday, about your most favorite bloggers on wordpress! That’s another hit in my heart! I’m so touch Aisha! Really! How you see my blog, what’s behind those posts, I’m so happy someone like you utter those definition! A HUGE THANK YOU from me. 😉 So kind and sweet Aisha! ♥

Sunshine Award

And the second blogger would be, Fia, my dearest friend nominated me for Inspiring Blogger Award! (post here) WOW fia! A surprised, seriously! A Huge Thank You Fia. 😉

So, here I am… passing the award 😉 Ehem, I think you all knew who would I nominate again? LOL passing the awards to:

Michael ~ Sorry Michael but I would really like to nominate you for the Sunshine and Inspiring Blogger Award! Haha! 😛 So far, for me huh, didn’t find yet another blog that brings thoughts as you can do! Your great mind is really working 100% 😛

And just so know people, I have two favorite blogs for now. Even they have this kinda long posts which literally I’m avoiding (hahaha), I love reading what’s in their mind and their daily adventure! 😉

You know Janice?! Yes, Janice as in  J-A-N-I-C-E. What? No? (cover mouth as she say Whaaa?) LOL (OA nenskei….OA…hahaha)  Oh please, visit her blog. I love everything about her. I enjoy her a.k.a Photo Journal. 😉

And Steve, my active commenter today! Ahaha 😛 Well, I like his ride with his lovely family.  (see his latest post here)

That’s all for today gorgeous bloggers!

Happy Blogging! Okay! 😉

© Shira2012

Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award

Hello everyone!

On my last Sunday, I received an inspiring award from the twins (Autumn and Gab). The Hug Award 😀 Honestly, I’m not really familiar with this award… as curious as myself, as I go over the in Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award Guidelines. Hmm.. I am speechless. Wow, the twin is such sweetheart for nominating me! From the deepest of heart Autumn and Gab, Thank You so much for including my blog. 😀 (blushing)


some teaser about this award

 The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity;Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation; Hope for Oneness

So as I willingly accept the award, here I am….time for me to nominate some blogs which I think strongly brings hope for each of us.

Happy Blogging Everyone 😀

Versatile Blogger Award Tag…

1st Rule:

Well .. I received this award first from ( , the second award came from (

Thank you Daph and Andy for tagging me to your versatile blogger award post 😀 , It paints a priceless smile on my sweet face 😉

2nd Rule:

Recently discovered blogs:


3rd Rule:

7 things about me:

1. I’m easy to talk/deal with …

2. I love McFlurry

2. Champorado is my favorite

3. I love my mom’s Spaghetti

4. I’m easily get attach w/

5. Making crafts is one my passion

6. Give me some watercolor and I’ll express myself w/ it

7. I love to express myself in writing but I hate much reading cos I easily get bored

Loving yours,

Nenskei 😉