Our First Time Together in Manila

Our First Time Together in Manila

Her five weeks and three days vacation are over and it’s time for me to accompany her in Manila. This is our first time traveling together, first time together on the plane, first time for Kalesa ride, and our first time in getting lost and wander in a strange place.

We only had 2 nights and 1 day to spend in Manila but we have so many plans. We took the last trip going to Manila so we arrived pre-evening time. Taking the shuttle going to NAIA I is only Php 20.00 then from NAIA 1 we just walked going to DG Budget Hotel. My bad because I thought it was just a blink of an eye in getting there but it wasn’t. It was just my second time so I thought it was just REALLY a walking distance. HAHA So imagine sissy carrying her baggage for 20-30mins long walkathon. Then we spent the whole night relaxing in an air conditioned room twin bed sharing room for another long day for tomorrow.


Our first stop was at Binondo. We had our breakfast at McDonald’s then headed up to 168 Shopping Mall where you can shop till you drop. At noon, we decided to go to Luneta and no luck for us because all the Jeepney going to Luneta route is full. But the Kalesa driver is such a blessing in disguise, he has the good intention to serve tourists in Manila unlike my first experience of Kalesa with friends. Manila that time was really hot, or shall I say always hot? It felts like we were toasting ourselves under the sun.

One of the things that we didn’t able to do was going together in Manila Ocean Park. Our stomach was upset because of the Chicken we ate last night so even it wasn’t really feeling better day for us but at least we managed to have fun. Then the day comes when sis needs to leave the Philippines. See you soonest ate! 🙂

Together: Dash and I

our one and only "dash" 😉
He got a brown eyes!!

been a long time since I last hug him and he looked so thirsty on me in this pic! LOL
he must have in his mind:
(inhale and exhale) heeh..heeh... Oh got her arms again! Haha

more closer...
he's shy!! 😛

Saying A Huge Thank You!

Alrighty howdy!! How are ya? Feels so good as I am? 😀

So I want to get to the point here people, I want to say Thank You to two certain bloggers!

First to Aisha! Have you gone to her scrapyard? Well, consider this as an invitation! 😉

Thank You Aisha for giving me a Sunshine Award and I’m grateful that somehow my blog does! (see her post here). And hep that yet over, and I’m so so so surprised in your post, which I read last Sunday, about your most favorite bloggers on wordpress! That’s another hit in my heart! I’m so touch Aisha! Really! How you see my blog, what’s behind those posts, I’m so happy someone like you utter those definition! A HUGE THANK YOU from me. 😉 So kind and sweet Aisha! ♥

Sunshine Award

And the second blogger would be, Fia, my dearest friend nominated me for Inspiring Blogger Award! (post here) WOW fia! A surprised, seriously! A Huge Thank You Fia. 😉

So, here I am… passing the award 😉 Ehem, I think you all knew who would I nominate again? LOL passing the awards to:

Michael ~ Sorry Michael but I would really like to nominate you for the Sunshine and Inspiring Blogger Award! Haha! 😛 So far, for me huh, didn’t find yet another blog that brings thoughts as you can do! Your great mind is really working 100% 😛

And just so know people, I have two favorite blogs for now. Even they have this kinda long posts which literally I’m avoiding (hahaha), I love reading what’s in their mind and their daily adventure! 😉

You know Janice?! Yes, Janice as in  J-A-N-I-C-E. What? No? (cover mouth as she say Whaaa?) LOL (OA nenskei….OA…hahaha)  Oh please, visit her blog. I love everything about her. I enjoy her a.k.a Photo Journal. 😉

And Steve, my active commenter today! Ahaha 😛 Well, I like his ride with his lovely family.  (see his latest post here)

That’s all for today gorgeous bloggers!

Happy Blogging! Okay! 😉

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