Chances To Take And To Lose

have you seen those?

I believe that in every circumstance we are in, we take every opportunity we can get. Yet we merely notice we miss to learn how to lose it.


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Unnoticed I Smiled Genuinely

Yesterday, I’m riding on Jeepney then it stop to the place where I used to go. I saw my uncle and I smiled genuinely! (back to the history, there’s a collusion between my family and relatives. For months I hate what they did, my smile even cost much for them get one from me!) And I don’t know why, I don’t know what happened to me yesterday. Does this mean I am okay now? I’m ready to deal with them again? Well once relationship is broken, It won’t be the same like before, right? Tho If so, then in my¬†twentie I proved and tested things in life that an individual can learn from. And one is…..

Proven and Tested based in my experience…..

time runs

Time and Space heal your wounds!

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