Because We Are Human

Why does doing things in a right way takes thousands of problem where all we want is a fair and better life to live? Does change really hard to achieve?

It’s an easy question if we’re taking an essay type exam but why is it difficult to do things in a fair play way? Why does power, money and status matters when we are all equal in the eyes of God. Is it because we are human?

Writing From The Heart: Question #1

30 days blogging of honesty +  1 dare is partly done. Partly because I’m not yet done with my dare and heck I’m so confused which one will I choose! 😛

Moving on! Have you wondered what’s my title post all about? 😉 Well, getting started, I will join the 40 Photo-Illustrated Questions to Refocus Your Mind. I came to learn about this from Ms.Cafe, Janice! (See her post on her first day!) Every question can make up your mind..soo…

Let’s roll it ……..

Q #1

Do you believe that you’ve changed? Either good or bad way? Do you? Well, you should believe that you’ve changed even in a very small way! Change is the only constant thing that hasn’t/don’t change! Amiss?

I must admit! I’ve changed! People change! Who doesn’t change? Change is the result of something we came across in our journey and change is the only way you could move out or even take a little step in your life!

For instance! You like to play in the casino, very well, you have a lot of money but because you lose 1billion enough to turn you into a beggar, you’ve changed. You start all over again and avoid passing by in casino or hate gamble place. Because of that experience, something wakes you up!

Now, what can I do today that I was not capable of doing a year ago?

One year is a long time enough for every possible circumstance that might happen, even in just one day…a lot of things happen! It only has two picture… things coming in and things coming out to our life! That single change affect us more than we could think of!

As time changes me, I can say…

I am more hopeless today than yesterday! Yet, I am happier today than yesterday!

Can you get me? I might be so confuzzling some time or all the time perhaps but,, this is what does my heart tells my mind to speak and command my hands to type! If you are given a chance to be with me, you can say I am a happy person, with my laugh and shows that I’m really am! What’s the disadvantage if people knows that you are so cheerful is… the moment you stop for a second to be jolly and the smile on your face is gone for a moment; people will start running away from you!

Yes, tell me, haven’t you move distant when the person you’ve known to be cheerful start frowning? Can’t be a cheerful person stop for awhile putting some shine to people’s life?

Yes, I am hopeless! Tho what makes me happier is I know who’s willing to stay despite no one left from those expected people who would you think would stay!

Life is a roller coaster and a duration of one year can’t count how many ups, downs, twist we have in life!

But one thing for sure is, through blogging I can fully express myself, my thoughts, my heart that I wasn’t capable of doing one year ago! Gaining self-confidence more than I thought I can have from blogging. And this can’t happen without the help of the people who give me more courage in writing, people who can’t just simply eradicate no matter how I wanted to!

WhoOoa… (this post is so satisfactory!!!!)


It must start with the roots!

People tried to choose to be good, Doing good things to help the world better, just make sure to start it with yourself cos change start within you. 

roots of everything starts within you

Our friend recently shared a thought to us, “It’s easy to be bad than to be good“. How you assess that? Well in my own perception and base on my short but long journey, it’s sad but more true. You won’t able to know what is good until you’ve done the bad one. You’ll learn from it and change calls your own conscience. Doing good to others maybe valued so much tho, some times the kindness of the person  is being abuse by the people who gained it.

© Shira2012

Commitment to Democracy

Hi Everyone 😉

Am a student of Bachelor in Public Administration and I believe of what late Jose Rizal said while he’s still existing:

“Youth are the only hope of our nation”

Jose Rizal

If you ask who is he .. well .. he’s our National Hero 🙂 who bravely fought for our freedom from Spanish Regime.

I’d like also to recognize the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino who also stood up and bring Democracy back to our nation and Martial Law ended up 😀

Thanks so much for you love to our country, Philippines 😀

Okay … and why I’m talking some history here?

Simply because I love my country, and if ever Filipinos out there read this post I hope this will help them to enlighten their mind that the word “DEMOCRACY” is still existing and has a deep definition in our core values.

To the youth out there, LET’S START TO CHANGE THE THINGS THAT NEED TO BE CHANGE .. LET’S ACT TODAY,  we might still be young but surely we can contribute much for the good of our country .. let’s not just blame our leaders cos we also have a role to play in our community … even throwing a garbage to its proper place is a big contribution from us.

To my critics, if ever i have 😛 , well .. let me hear something from you!! 😉