Under Construction …. With A New Tag Line

Under Construction …. With A New Tag Line

A Sudden Twist Of …..

A Life That Full Of Secrecy, Thoughts Flows Randomly

I roam around WordPress theme to find some good one for my friend but heck, I think its me who hooked much in this theme! The Skylark! Ohhh emmmm geee, I’m so in love with this! If I could kiss this theme, I already did!

So now, I am still figuring this theme out! I’m struggling actually on how to make this better! Hmmmmmmmmm

So, see you some other time then? Be back and check any updates here! (Mwah) 😛

– Sexy Chic Shira 😉


The Puzzle of the Riddle

Each story has events. Events connect to every detail. Detail form a story. Each and one of us holds a puzzle to complete us and each solved puzzle in our life means an end of something. Every detail filled makes us whole. The uncertainties makes definite. Each passing by its up to us if we will continue on making our puzzle completely solved or throw the pieces that once filled us. Life is indeed a choice. 

~ Shira

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

where are we?

If we didn’t let destiny choose where we stand, will we ever grow closely?

If we let ourselves arranged according to our choice, will we ever see the flaws we have?

If its our choice to stand together, will our flaws arranged us to be apart or to be close in where we want to be?