And We Grow Up!

So I just suddenly thought to do more BETTER and SERIOUS in the course I’m taking in.

Sometimes knowing people and see their achievements motivates us. We don’t need to meet and know them personally, we just got this inspiration that drive us to aim higher goals and dream even bigger.



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I’m Not Busy As You Think I am.

People might think I am a busy chic. Working in the morning then since school is back, classes in afternoon till night. Heck, I am not. Maybe you are thinking working students are much occupied. Hell, I am not.

If you’ve been following me for so long or known me in real, you already know that I’m easily get attach with people whom I like to be with which is what I’m avoiding and trying to be not. Β The truth is, no matter how I try to be bitter, stoney heart – not to be attach easily -, I can’t simply help but really be in myself. The problem is, here I am again feeling a little bit attach and disappointment is right in front of me. I need and wanted to make myself even busy that you think I am now. I want things consume my time, my mind, my thought far away from someone. I don’t want this longing feeling I have cos it gently kills me.

I’m up to something, together with my friend which I hope can truly help me, help consume me. I don’t want to think about people who consume my thoughts yet doesn’t reciprocate. I don’t want to be hurt but I am hurt now.

~ Shira

Farewell Post! Hep….not as last post :P

Ehem! ladies and gentlemen let me murmur again in my dearest blog πŸ˜› (grinning all over the floor)

Did you all know that…I’ve been active in WordPress just back May or June then become more… very active in August till not a farewell for my blog okay…. tho now you know… So, my point here is.. maybe right back in your mind, What’s with the farewell post? LOL

For all you know I’m a college student, (cough) just don’t refer my age on my height! ahahahahaha πŸ˜›

2nd sem, we enrolled in Information Communication Technology or know as ICT! What’s my advantage in this subject is I blog before enrolling this course. There are two projects that our instructor asked us to do. Very simple, blogging and making basic HTML. WhoOoah! LOL

So, this week…is our finals week…… 6days to go and summer is up up up in the sky! Hahaha

ICT is fun for me because as I said… it’s an advantage for me cos I blogged. In html…it’s quite tricky at first. Tho able to cope up in two weeks. You know what’s the twist sweethearts?

A week before our instructor checked our HTML as part of midterm grade, my flash disk was LOST NOT FOUND. How lovely! >.<

All important data were stored there, including my html project. Of course no one to blame cos I’ve been careless so I need to face the consequences of my action. I got INC for my midterm grade 😦 , as in Incomplete! (cover mouth…)Whaaaa? LOL

But, don’t worry sweethearts I am confident that I’ll passed the finals. I acquired all the requirements. Ha ha ha (Do you think our instructor will let me pass after reading this? waha haha)

So, all I can say is blogging is so much fun than making html! LOL

Have a great day all πŸ™‚ β™₯

Β© Shira2012

Reality is what it takes!

After weeks of holiday break for school and day off for work, tomorrow I’ll wake up on my reality track!
Work on morning, school on afternoon and heck I am not complaining about that. The reality is, I love my daily routine. It makes me feel that somehow I am worth living in this world.
My aim this 2012 is to be a better person, to be good in every field that I am planning to be good at, and never stop on dreaming, hoping and discovering new things and thoughts in LIFE.
That’s what reality is ‘KEEP MOVING’. Reality is what it takes. Right?!!

Happy 2012 everyone!! πŸ˜€

I Love Wearing Skirt!

Today, at my Friday morning, as I got in in our workplace .. my co-workers look at me and one said: “woOoh .. What’s on Β the skirt” and I answered: “makin’ me feel a lady” .. LOL πŸ˜‰ Which really do.

What made me to post this is that, I just want to share something about me πŸ˜‰

Oh yeah, I love skirt .. I love wearing skirt but as mini skirt .. I don’t feel comfy about that πŸ˜›

During my Elementary and High School Days, female wears skirt uniform so its like its on my system to wear skirt, right?!! So, when my college life comes, well, we’re all wearin slacks as our school uniform.


Every wash day, students wear civilian, wearin’ their most gorgeous dresses.

On my freshman days I simply wear a skirt w/ my simple shirt on on ! And one of my classmate asked/said to me, “Shira loves wearing skirt, Why?” Β , Β I just smiled to her cos even me don’t know why until this morning comes, Yeah, I found the answer and that answer was the answer that I said above. Β LOL

But hey, let me tell you! I wasn’t wearing skirt in my whole college life! LOL .. I’m just fond of wearing it, Okay!

Well, to tell you a story, at my second year on college, that year when my second semester nearly ends, I stopped wearin’ my lovely skirts. Why? Here’s the story:

Late 2009 and Newly 2010, K-Pop is really POPULAR. One of theΒ trendy fashion of K-Pop was wearin’ a knee sock! (But, I am really love knee sock back when I was in grade6 .. LOL) Because I want to wear different, so I decided to wore a semi-formal top + skirt (at knee level) + knee socks + converse = WHAT YOU THINK? just imagine that get up??

You know what was the reaction of my classmates?

“OH MY GOD SHIRA?, WHAT WAS IN YOUR MIND? REALLY THAT GET UP HUH? ITS WEIRDO!!!” They’re saying all negative comments 😦 . oh yeah .. I think I deserved those πŸ˜› … then I suddenly cried .. as in .. I didn’t expect that reaction, what I’m expecting was, Wow.. Shira…you’re so fashionable .. wearin’ that attire..woOoh .. totally terrific …. BUT THEN, T’WAS TOTALLY OPPOSITE you know!

Since then, I didn’t mind to wear skirt at school! Until this school year, finally, I wore a dress πŸ™‚ a whole dress πŸ™‚ LOL

That’s it .. That’s for the day … πŸ™‚


Sincerely Yours,

nenskei πŸ˜‰ β™₯

Black Heart

I do have a black heart today πŸ˜€

Oh no .. GOT PIMPLES NOW .. so stress this past few days, sleeping SO LATE for doing school stuff .. College life kinda roller coaster for now ……geezzz …. But one week to go …. Yepey … SemBreak is coming … Whew .. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›