A realization of being so innocent in this world! Questions I got….are these to Ponder?

So I guess, I’m just being so assuming and my judgement is clouding my mind cos I got this so called affection towards you! Where you can clearly be something to anybody like me.

The difference is I thought I experienced nuff, been through life which is enough but I summed up, my age can say how lil my story still is! So I’m thinking, was I’m just trying to psycho myself that I know better right at back that time? (Eye brow’s up)

I’m thinking about culture differences, I know its a big factor. I can see that. Eyes are widely open on that matter. The thing is, its normal to you which is so new to me! Colliding innocense in a row! (Shrugs)

Was our understanding really coincide? I’m thinking of that too. Cos if yes, why I able to ask this? (Chuckles)

Is there something we believe in? Oh, let me alter that… Is there something I believe in? Or let me rephrase it, Am I believing on something which you not? That’s the exact question to be ask! If you are, if your heart the same as mine why you’re drifting your way?

Think …. think …. think
Think well……


How hard to we take it in action?

A quote crossed to my mind while someone’s thoughts is hanging! ~ “We are not capable to do all things which we think we can!”

No matter how we keep something we really want, time telling us to let it go! It’s not about how positive thinker we are. It’s not about faith, trust and blah blah blah…. It’s a choice . Everything in life is a choice. Just keep one thing in mind that when you made a choice… no turning back!

It’s sad because, we can’t..no…not really that we can’t but it’s hard to take an action about it!

I say, there’s no formula!!

People keep on digging, researching about ‘how to save relationship’ . Honestly, crap that issue. Oh please, forgive me for being rude….. I guess, it’s just that it’s so exasperating on my side!! 😛

I say, there’s no such formula for that!!! Like consistency + honest + sex + understanding = good relationship!! What???? O.O Oh well, It’s so simple, if both partners are just being to their selves then that’s it!! Just let it naturally.

I am not an expert about this issue but this is my point of view!! Sucks that formula of love!! What love spell?!! whoops, alright.. I’ll just shut up now before I made a bad conclusion!

What does it really mean when we say….

I’ve already moved on!

It means to forget everything, right? It doesn’t mean to totally forget everything. It’s just that, we’ll just gonna strip out the stink that once we had. Forgetting the things we used to. So changing is there. A lil change that helps us to cope up!!!



Cheer up!! hoOooOray 😉


Reckoning My Sweet In Love Self!!

It’s nice if you really found love! I can say.. Yes, love is pretty much insanely killing me!! LOL … I want to go back and start telling you about my first shot in love!! LOL .. Oh well, back when I was still 13…. and now I am 20.. for 6 years.. I’m loving him not secretly cos he knew it!! 😛 Note: Its never been us!! Which I hopefully wishing for from the past! Ahaha .. how pathetic love is!! You know .. they say .. first love never dies!! I believe that .. cos he will always in my heart!! Wheeeeee . aahaha .. alright, Yes, he is my first love.. first romance at all .. tho .. last year I fell for someone, late 2011.. Yes I am.. which helps me to forget what was the feeling of loving my first love!! 🙂 Whoops .. but it never lasted long .. I tend to kill that love before it grows more than loving myself!!! So .. here I am.. free from LOVE .. letting my heart grow more strongly!! 

Okay what’s my point in posting this? Well.. As I’ve said.. it’s cute to reminisce thing we do and say when we are in love!! You know.. I can be much poetic when I am in love.. I don’t know exactly where those simple words coming from!! Its just coming out naturally!! Yeah.. my words are simple .. tho .. don’t be little my writings ..I read Aurora’s post about Easy reading!! LOL .. I think.. I wrote this poem mid January 2011 🙂

I’m Bored

Am bored and now I’m thinking of you
Nothing in my mind now
But, I can only think and see you!
It’s not that am bored, then,
I just only remember you.
Every second,
Only you bounds in my heart
So, there’s no way for me not to think of you!
What I’m gonna do if its only you,
I can only see you???
Are you the same the way I like you?
I doubt that ….. [sigh]
I know you can’t see me anymore
You sees no one now but Her!
How I hope the Her is my name ..
The first time you intentionally look me into my eyes
Was it a trap?
A trap for me to fell for you?
Well, around of a applause for you!
I was.
And until now I can’t escape in your trap!
What was your deceiving eyes done to me?
What was in you that until now,
I’m still holding on!
Yeah!! That’s it!! Actually .. I start writing poems when I am 13 .. tho … the thing is .. I lost my compilation .. It happened that I put them up in certain envelope and I was passed it to my professor.. t’was envelope for my research project!! LOL .. how silly I am to forget that… 😛
Whoops.. by the way .. here’s Aurora’s post about easy reading … spon —> Easy Reading 🙂 
Hmmm .. I just want to clear something here .. I’ve already move on, for both love I had … 🙂

To Trade Our Desires, Wants and Needs

The words are being abuse  and seems like its value is gradually vanish. I think those words aren’t enough because those are just words and not being shown. Is that it? I mean, just hearing those words even we never seen that someone meant it alot and just because we heard it from the person we want to hear from then we easily collapse and compelled by them? How pathetic though clever people dare to use the words ‘I Love You‘. Then I guess, to answer that, we say those words to trade our desires, to satisfy our wants and to fill our needs

He Is My Exception

I’m not really

a fan of things going on

in this phenomena.

Cos  I know deep down in me,

It’s just like

a stupid star

to reach for.


In all principles I have,

He made an exception.

He always an exception.

He really do.

I do


I say


that only him


For he is

my treasure box.

That beyond



I made.

I’m still

the  one


will broke