My Snob Girl…

This is Dada, my family’s baby girl 🙂

And this is the dog I saw when I was in Mall of Asia last Oct.29, 13

Note To Life: Feel what’s in your heart, connection.

The Puzzle of the Riddle

Each story has events. Events connect to every detail. Detail form a story. Each and one of us holds a puzzle to complete us and each solved puzzle in our life means an end of something. Every detail filled makes us whole. The uncertainties makes definite. Each passing by its up to us if we will continue on making our puzzle completely solved or throw the pieces that once filled us. Life is indeed a choice. 

~ Shira


Last week, together with my friends we pass through to the newly open Overpass from MUST (our school) way to Limketkai Mall! 🙂 How convenient isn’t it? *grin* the point is, the title of this post which is “Connected” was the first word that came to my mind 🙂

What do you think connect us?  LAN? Wi-fi? Faith? Hope? Beliefs? Principles? People? Love? Communication? Cellphone? Text Messages?The Word? But no matter what it is, we should be thankful that in some ways we still can find people who we feel people. We should be thankful that GOD connects us!