Slow commotion

You didn’t fall

But I did in your glance

Stepping in the cliff

Hanging in the wall

Holding a breath

Take in – take out

Blows down

Turning around

Looking for a dance 

Split between

Slow commotion

Retrieve emotion

Free Spirit

Lift it up

Going to win 

The battle of vengeance! 


The Abduction

You will see

the sorrow

of pain when

the darkness


the light.

You will see

death when

the ashes


your soul.

Would you still living

when all

the maddest

is all around you?

Would you still writing

when all

you can think of

is the memory of


How come

you drop by 


all you can 


is a 



How moonlight reflects the seawater

How moonlight reflects the seawater

Words aren’t enough when you are in this perfect scenario.
You can’t exactly utter what you feel.
Moolight simply capture your heart and gives you nothing but raw emotion!!
That’s how moonlight do when it reflects not only to the seawater but also right straight to my heart!!!
What does moonlight do when it comes to you?

till the end

till the end of every second, I’d chose to breath to strive.
till the end of every sunlight, I’d chose to glimpse the perfect scenario of it.
till the end of every road, I’d chose to turn back my head to see who is right after me.
till the end of every journey, I’d chose to live up to save the remaining part of me.

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Happy writing for my 250th published posts 🙂

I received a surprise  from Michael. I received an award of ‘The Kreativ Blogger Award’ (Wanna see his post? click here). In this, a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU Michael. It’s an honored to included to your list.

Receiving an award like this is truly a heart warming, motivation and inspiration to write more. 😉 I really didn’t expect this. Touching your heart through my writings is an honor.

This award says to tell something about yourself atleast ten and pass this award to atleast six. 😉 Here we go .. .. 🙂

  1. I love skating.
  2. I don’t know how to bike.
  3. I can do house chores.
  4. I can only cook rice and fried stuff.
  5. Taking photos, yes just give some cam.
  6. Cough and Cold are my enemies. I think everyone does.
  7. A pessimistic thinker, friends pulling me out there. 😉
  8. Give some love and I can be poetic.
  9. I got a friend virtually, I like talking to him because I can be anything I mean sweet to rude. I can be rude to him. Note: Nothing special, just friends.. he got girlfriend. By the way, reading this dude? Thank you. LOL
  10. I don’t beg for people who no longer interested on me. Move on and let go. As easy as that.

Drums please …….

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experience and stories bloggers.

Have a great day and Merry Christmas. 🙂 ♥♥♥

This is what human kind.

This is the piece of individuality that we  try to reach to its limit.

This is the uncertainty that we make sure it isn’t.

This is the chances that we hope to fulfill within the barriers.

This is the magic that try to compel us.

This is the heart that we tend to give.

This is the love that we willingly share.

This is the feeling we want to feel.

This is what human kind.

To write and to share my deepest thoughts.

I’m a girl who have lots of ambition and passion to fulfill. I’m crazy about mixing colors on some piece of paper and crafts. I’d love to dance all along but just can’t really do it. Need more time to practice 😛

One of my hit list is to travel. How’s that? LOL Go to the places I want to, got to the places where my heart want to. 😉

Ireland is like a dream of Paradise for me. Aside from its places that like a fairy tale, to be where my best boyband live is a joy, The Westlife 🙂 and today, there’s some certain place that I want to visit and fulfill something there. 😉

Though I know I can’t do travel for now but I’m wishing to, of course It’s my dreams 🙂 tho not now but somehow, sometime if in God’s will… then I’ll be happy to receive it all my heart 🙂 And I know, these things I’ve said are like unreachable stars in my dreamland but after all, I’m glad that I’m here, writing all of these, writing my thoughts, least I have enough in my life:

To write and to share my deepest thoughts.