No Judgement, Please!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”

I know, I know….MORE!


More practice. HAHA. I just love making my own fried-egg-rice-with-hotdog. This wasn’t my first time preparing this meal but, indeed, my first time for this epic fail basic cooking. lol

Time come and go as it wish to be

At some point, you’re going to ask yourself how far you’ve gone in your life.

Was it worthy?
Was it enough?
Was it fruitful?
You don’t know what exactly to ask by now, don’t you? Neither I!

Eventually, time come and go and there’s no other option but we simply live on it. Choices been made, been act, been part of reality we have today.
It’s either acceptance or steadily unravel obscurity you have in mind!


Sunday Activity! New but not really new to me!

Alright, my Sunday feels so good… really!

Have I ever shared here that Badminton is one of my favorite sport to play?! Others are Basketball, Skating, and sort of Baseball. Oh please, even Hockey is not being played in Ph. I love Hockey. Well, now you know exactly what sports I’m up to. 😀

Today, I play Badminton with my friends, college friends. I love doing things that I really love to do and thank God these folks are here. For three years finally I hold racket again! 😉 So imagine how happy I am playing with them. Till next Sunday again! yeeha!

So tomorrow, I’ll expect my body to be rotten! HAH … walk like a zombie! WhooOt whOoot!

Here’s a Sunday thought beautiful wonders on earth,

Do things which you love to do!

Happy Sunday All!

© Shira2012


Reality is what it takes!

After weeks of holiday break for school and day off for work, tomorrow I’ll wake up on my reality track!
Work on morning, school on afternoon and heck I am not complaining about that. The reality is, I love my daily routine. It makes me feel that somehow I am worth living in this world.
My aim this 2012 is to be a better person, to be good in every field that I am planning to be good at, and never stop on dreaming, hoping and discovering new things and thoughts in LIFE.
That’s what reality is ‘KEEP MOVING’. Reality is what it takes. Right?!!

Happy 2012 everyone!! 😀