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I am a ….

Despite your best efforts, you are not coming up with the answers you want, either in your work life or in a romantic situation. There is only so much you can do to get to the truth right now, and you might need to get comfortable with the fact that it will be elusive for a while. Turn your attention to other matters, and keep yourself distracted with things that make you feel successful — like your favorite hobby. Your brain needs to feel that progress is being made somewhere.

From Yahoo

Hmmmm ….. Checking horoscope is not my thing. But I came across to my yahoo page then scrolled down and hola! Found this. Well. No comment. Couldn’t disagree.

~ Shira


Sometimes, our intentions are not clearly seen. We utter words which we not intend to be understood wrongly. Perhaps, choosing a word to say can’t please everyone the way how we see it just in mid. We can be straight forward tho frankly, we most say things without even thinking.

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Or am I just the one?

Actually, I made a mistake this morning! As what I’ve said in my bio, I simply say what I want to say and I mean it. I mean it cos that’s what I think, I see, I observe and prolly it’s up to you if you gonna take it so badly. Well, I’m slightly harsh/blunt. People will prove to you that they worthy enough by “staying”. They stay cos they are who they are when they are around you. Oh, I mean not really a mistake but I guess I hurt someone’s ego! Stop turning the table. Actually, hmm I guess it’s next to impossible that you’re reading this tho, what I only want is to know you more. But I guessing it’s better not. I am happy talking to you. I can flip my hair so gracefully. But I won’t gonna let myself so addicted to you cos at the first place, for some reasons that I know, I shouldn’t be.

Good Evening Everyone!