When everything seems to be okay!

That’s a reverse….

When everything around you is not okay! When everything around you is problems! When everything is beyond your control! No matter how you try to smile, to laugh, to be positive still …………….. everything goes uneasy!

Do you think unwinding yourself helps you feel better? Do you think drifting, twisting, and turning off your emotions helps you feel better?

If you say so, I guess I’ll try to be on that side!

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Why people so afraid of?

If there’s an incident that will happen, would you do precautionary action to avoid it? If there’s any calamity coming and you have the ability to stop it, would you really stop it?

As I wake up this morning, many questions suddenly poke my mind! What’s the sense of all the safety regard from the things that can’t really be avoided. I got this imagination of mine, if there’s any calamity coming towards me… MAYBE I’ll just sit around and waiting for it. It’s a matter of Life and Death. If it is my time then let it be. After a long run, death is waiting for us and our body will decay. Why people are so afraid to die when the price of it seeing God? Is it because, life is so beautiful and living is less painful and more happiness it brings? There could more happier living with God’s grace. It’s an everlasting life and you will see eternity!

Just a thought from Shira!

The Abduction

You will see

the sorrow

of pain when

the darkness


the light.

You will see

death when

the ashes


your soul.

Would you still living

when all

the maddest

is all around you?

Would you still writing

when all

you can think of

is the memory of


How come

you drop by 


all you can 


is a 



When Calamity Strikes

The difference when a calamity strikes metro manila and other provinces:

Metro Manila – everything stops, everybody helps, The MEDIA is focused on the efforts of different celebrities, groups and politicians on their effort to help.

Other provinces especially in Mindanao – The shows on major networks goes on… if you turn on your tv you see them dancing, singing, smiling… if there are efforts…not visible enough. media will just show the updates on their allotted time slot.

SO TRUE! good thing BBC WORLD and CNN shows updates on what happened in CDO and Iligan.


~~~~ Everyone here is busy posting about Christmas, My apology for post this guys. I just can’t really help it. I can’t really stand what’s really going on now. 

Please help my city recover from this very painful and dreadful tragedy that happened hit us last December 16, 2011 just few more days to go before Christmas.
To know more details about this calamity, please read these links or watvh videos from trusted Press release on links below.
My city is still in need of cash donations to help us recover and rescue some more people as a lot of places are still in mud flood and a lot of people still needs to be rescued and provided with food and shelter.
Any amount of help will do.
Please send donations on one of our countries biggest organization that help support such voluntary movement.
Kapuso Foundation is one of my personal trusted organization, find bank details on their donation link here : http://www.kapusofoundation.com/donate
May all your Christmas be merry through helping others.
~~~~ I don’t care how will you react on this, i mean, if you’ll say this is spamming or whatever .. i don’t bother that. ALL I CARE IS TO HELP MY FELLOW KAGAY-ANONS AND OTHER PROVINCES  AFFECTED BY THIS CALAMITY.
If you’re going ask what’s my contribution, aside from donating my clothes sharing this is ALL I GOT.