What So Good To Find?

Have you ask yourself what so good to find?

I did.

What so good to find are people who are not just busy spelling out reasons but instead people that will do anything and always make a way to achieve certain things they ever wanted to happen.

Do you believe in luck?

We are so happy to meet a wonderful person that find how to work things out. And we so lucky to be destined to meet this person. Perhaps not all in a romantic way but indeed a relationship that more than a person could ever ask for.

Did you find yours?

– Shira

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My 600th Post Dedicate To ….

I love the ones who are in my life and make it AMAZING.

I also love the ones who left in my life and made it FANTASTIC.

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The difference when we let things happen, what will come brings more color into our life. ~ Shira

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