Writing this post on the 1st day of December makes me feel blue floating on the clouds looking back to the past hours, days, weeks, months and years. Yes, December 2012 has come and we can’t stop the world going ’round!

Last year was a cold December because I was totally brokenhearted last December and took months and months for me to finally moved on. T’was really a cold December for my heart but nothing as cold as how ‘Sendong'(tropical storm) brought tears to Filipinos especially to Kagay-anons heart. A lot people died, missing and unidentified and a lot of family lose their homes. December 16 would be Sendong’s grief’s anniversary. I believe Cagaya de Oro back then was not just devastated by storm alone. I know many still shocked and can’t move on especially for those who lose their family. It is not easy, losing someone is never easy!

But then again, this is another year to cherish! December is when people get more excited! Family get together, 13th month pay for those who work, Christmas break for students and Jesus birthday is almost coming. 🙂 Just like last year, I can’t make it in attending ‘Simbang Gabi’ (Filipino traditionally go to church at 4AM for 9 days till Christmas comes). Let’s face the tomorrow together with all positive thoughts in our heart and mind.

Happy first day of December all. xOxO


A devastation that I felt

Yesterday was very a long long day.

Two of my friends were affected by that tropical storm Sendong, so we the budidies decided to help even in our own lil way. So after work I was with my friends buying goods for them. As we headed to our first destination, we can all see the tragic view that TSS brought to Cagayan de Oro. We saw houses that was really, ugh, that you can’t really picture out anymore.  I can see survivors trying to strive and save their things and houses, t’was very heart breaking scenario because I can say deep down to my self that I can’t do anything to help them out. 😦 So devastating. Annndd.. for almost an hour of travel, finally we reached at Peri’s house. Hearing her story, what did they experience doubles the pain that i felt 😦 . What good to know is she and her family were okay now. Second destination was at meriam’s place. We reached there when the sun is about to set, so yeah the weather going better now, i guess. Still, since the day it was happened no electricity and no water in the area where it were most affected by the TSS. 😦 We didn’t stay so long there because t’was already 6pm and its so hard to commute.

All day was going so well. I mean, I have a good time at work till when I’m with my peers. What makes me decide to write this post is that, aside from I am so devastated from the tragic we experienced here, I was SO disappointed with the collector of fares in a public conveyance which is we refer as ‘conductor’. As I went home, alright I always commute and Jeepney is all I can got. I’m so tired leaning my head and trying to get some rest. There were two passenger who stop at public market which practically means that there are two vacant seat, right? The conductor looking for two passenger too and it happened that there two ladies who waited for Jeepney. The first one who got in was just bringing her bag, no baggage’s , no hassle. And here’s the point that my tempered reaches its peak, the second one WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO STEP-IN in the Jeepney was blocked by the conductor and says, ‘NO MORE VACANT, SORRY!’ where in fact there was really another vacant for her. That woman he blocked was bringing two heavy baggage’s, the heavier one was in her head and she’s just holding the other one. (Can you see the picture that I’m trying to share to you?) As in, my eyes were opened wide as in shocked in a way that, Oh my God how dare he is, he didn’t even show mercy on her. I mean, how could he do that with the woman who totally obvious that really tired in bringing those heavy baggage’s???? WHY?? If I didn’t control myself, my temper I might even punch his face. 😦 I just can’t understand why people tend to be like that? He could help her right? SO stupid guy. Despite of the tragedy happened to our city he could care much right? I mean, he’s Kagay-anon too he should care and help people in every simple way just like letting that woman in the jeepney 😦

Just saying…