Best of Worse

How could daily prompt ask bloggers what could be the worse case scenario could happen to them today? C’mon, be positive!

Of all the people on wordpress community, send me an email saying that all my blogs are suspended for publishing this post for questioning their prompt question.

LOL (which I hope not). Who’s the best pessimistic for today’s challenge? 😛


I’m not Cinderella, He’s not the prince who’s not  gonna save me from my step evil mother COS i don’t have any then 😛

I’m not Snow White, He”s not the prince whose gonna kiss me to wake me up COS my mom is the one who wakes me up 😛

I’m not Rapunzel, He’s not the prince who’s gonna save me from generic tower COS I’m not living in a tower.

I’m not Ariel, He’s not the prince who heard my golden voice in the sea COS I don’t have a mermaid tails that make swim on the water.

Well, the ending point of this post here is I AM NOT IN THE FAIRY TALE.

I live in reality where prince couldn’t be found 😛