Tomorrow I will be ME!

I won’t choose to be anyone but I will choose to be ME in my own way. I might have attitudes that you can say that it is ME for REAL and I might have attitudes that define as ME before but no longer ME today.

As times goes by, our personality might change but that change still tell WHO YOU ARE!


Be Happy. Be Young. Be Adventurous. Be Free. Be You in 2014.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Baby Leanne, she’s an angel that gives more color in our everyday life whenever she’s with us. Her smile gives joy and even helps us to go through a day. With her laugh it brightens another day to live. Happiness comes from angel that cannot be compare of anything in this world.  She is part of us. She is our favorite niece. She is smart. She is an active young kid. She is bubbly. She spread a happy smile, a happy thought to elder people. She is innocent, will always be.

I hope to spend time with this kid more often than before.


I caught myself!

Today! Another lovely day to start on! Hello, my Monday! 😀

I am so happy! So happy, really! Don’t ask me why but I just feel so happy! I thank God for this! He gives me so many blessings!

Well, I caught myself daydreaming about you! Yes about you babe! At this moment, during my working hours! Haha Oh please, stop running into my mind! LOL

Well, as usual, nothing to expect! There’s nothing to expect just go with the flow and be happy as you made me every single second I think about you!



Big Flat Bread – BFB Escaped!

This post might be kinda Photo blog! LOL

Last Saturday, I got a date with my lovely friends again! Tho, not all the badidies came, still t’was fun! Its always fun to be  with them, to be with your friends, right?!

The group is always looking forward to have an outing every after semester. We do always bond, hangout but its different when the semester ends especially when second sem does. Mostly, we will see each other again in June, when first sem opens! So, its quite lil time, right!?!

Supposedly, we will have a pool party! Going to Tropical Resort tho a day before our outing, our mind drifts and decided to strike pizza! So… we have BFB escaped! 😉

Big Flat Bread

In fairness as we arrived, crew are well good. They’re so please to their customers, ambiance is good as well.

We ordered the biggest of Tropical Adventure. Crust is thin but toppings are okay! Totally okay! (tho in pizza, I crave for onions and mushroom) LOL


While waiting for our order……. picture oh oh picture…. 😛

mitx, nenskei the great, and heroshi

the gorgeous: sara, rubi, meriam (my candies after gorgoeus 😛 )

What pizza take so long? SnoOooOre….. (grin)




Hep, he’s not a stranger 😛

The guy in yellow shirt. It’s Carlo our new friend, mitx friend….. 😉 He hangout with us, he treat mitx..only mitx…wahahahahaha 😛 Hope its not the first and last Carlo! See You !!



You? Craving? 😛

The biggest wasn’t enough if all us, badidies, are there. LOL Of course, while eating…we got a LONG CHIT CHAT! 😉

Uhm.. what’s with my eyes? Have you noticed too? LOL 😛

We arrived quarter to 5pm and we went out quarter to 8pm! I couldn’t even breath cos I’m too full! 😛

Happy Craving Pizza !!! 😛

Happy Blogging Indeed! 🙂

When everything seems to be okay!

That’s a reverse….

When everything around you is not okay! When everything around you is problems! When everything is beyond your control! No matter how you try to smile, to laugh, to be positive still …………….. everything goes uneasy!

Do you think unwinding yourself helps you feel better? Do you think drifting, twisting, and turning off your emotions helps you feel better?

If you say so, I guess I’ll try to be on that side!

© Shira2012

Time to pass the award…. Versatile | One Lovely Blog | Candle Lighter Award

First of all, I wanna thank you bloggers for making me inspired to read and write everyday. It’s not how many words or how long your post was or is … what matter…. your thoughts are simply makes me happy, sad, smile, laugh, all mixed emotions. To reckon, I can relate on your stories 😀 Writing is not the first yet not also the last thing I wanna do in my life. And sharing them you all is such a blessing for me! I know my words are simple and yet you still read my stuffs, my poetry might not be like Robert Frost poems yet YOU my readers are so kind and appreciate it a lot. Thanks for doing so my all friends 😀 Whenever I see my stats are growing, I smile ear to ear 😀 And it doesn’t end there, my fellow bloggers given me awards and that makes me so inspired everytime I start typing for my new post.

Versatile Award(s)

Daphnee gave the versatile award last 12/25/11 on her xMas awards give away 😀

Aisha gave the versatile award last 12/27/11

Aliza gave the versatile award last  1/6/12

and recently Andy just gave the versatile award last 2/2/12

And the same day/post, Daph gave also the one lovely blog award 😀 Thank you MD 😉

And u know what Daph is so sweet to me 😛 She even gave me the Candle Lighter Award 1/8/12 😀 Whew

So….nowww.. time for party bloggers! 😀 Going to pass these awards 😀

1. Michael on Have a Dream ~ Reading his blog, you can always have a dream! His posts simply inspires, motivate and very insightful thoughts!

2. April on  Just Me, a black heart Poetess ~ No, her heart is not black I see it pure.

3. Heroin Diaries

4. Living Life Unnoticed

5. Take the fame

6. Free Spirits United ~ the spirit within this blog is alive.

7. I am not defined ~ you will be define here.

8. Thoughts of a lost soul

9. Sherline’s Watchu Thinkin’ Blog

10. ClownRhymes

7 things about me: (can u just look up my About me page? nyahaha.. (lazy thing 😛 ))

1. I love Ronald! Mcdonald’s products makes me fall for him 😛

2. Before, thinking for my outfit takes a long long time but now I’ve change, not really I’m not bothering what I’m wearing now but when I pick pair of clothes that’s already my final outfit of the day! I save more time now u know.. LOL

3. I’m learning a lot now.. subject is LIFE!

4. I love my friends! Tho friends that more closer to me I don’t just love them, I’m in love with them 😀

5. Well what I’m liking in my personality now is I’m not afraid anymore, I mean..saying what’s on my mind..being straight forward or being frank. If being like that is bitter for others sorry tho I see it just being honest 😀 Are u?

6. Buying books is not in my vocabulary tho its suddenly became my hobby. lol Since I’m being addicted on blogging, I started to be fond on reading. I guess I am really weird 😛 the cover of the book is the most attractive part for me..if I love the cover I pick and pay for it well of course I also consider its content you know. Its just that cover of the book is so important to me, cos for me… somehow it can hypnotize me to buy it 🙂

7. I am dreamer… day dreamer, night dreamer and so on. But I guess none of my dreams are coming true!

Congrats to the nominees! 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day Blogger


My adorable and cute niece

Toddlers make people happy!!

Yesterday while I was eating “Peanut Kisses” at balcony, I shared and gave some to my niece, Lean. What surprised me was she said “lamat” (It’s cuteeeeeeeeeeee 😉 ). Lamat is a shortcut of Salamat which means THANK YOU. And when we heard it from her, my mom and I really laugh. As in when you heard a kid saying that even they pronounce it incompletely it just bring you smile all the way!!  😀

Here she is:

Cute Lean


This Expression of her? We can't resist to smile even she's done lil crazy things!! 😀