Laugh Cos It’s……. Punnnny. Har!

Spelling can kill you. Watch out:

Husband on an out of town assignment sent text to his wife …

Trip is wonderful!! Am having a good time.

Wish you were Her!

~ via text message

BOOM !!!!

Its Wena’s birthday :)

Hi weng… I know it’s kinda late tho… wanna blog your Bday 😛 ahaha January 15, Sunday.. gloomy…and rainy day. I don’t have plans at that day except going to National Bookstore(School Supply Store) to buy a marker! 😉 Then I received a text message from the birthday girl, saying.. ‘the mass is done’ 🙂 .. then I replied something silly that make us to end up meeting at Ronald store 😛 (grin) I’ve waited there for 25-30min I guess.. then she’s with darrel 😉 the most supportive buddy of her .. LOL … while waiting for the other, which is mords.. somehow I’m glad that I made wengay laugh … 😛 you know.. I cracked OA jokes! ahaha … I could make em crazy too 😛

The birthday girl 🙂 Wena's Darrel busy on his phone 😛

the most awaited guest, hi Mords 😛

hi..this is me 😛

A message for her:

Hi wengay! How have you been? LOL, ( As if we’re not seeing each other at school 😛 ) Sorry if I didn’t make it till night.. I wanted to tho… need to finish my report so…. I believe you’re having a good time with them at that day 😛 LOL, I know cos they always do 😉 NYahaha.. Warmest wishes for you and congrats.. You’re going to receive your diploma and going to march when this semester ends! 😀 So..we’re going to WAO too? nyahaha..right darx and mords? 😛

Happy birthday again wengay! Have a best in life 🙂