Not yet over in my Friday the 13th!

‘It’s a beautiful night
We’re looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you’

Oh yeah.. you perfectly heard it right!! Yes, I am singing … LOL .. Friday the 13th is indeed a beautiful night!! Why? Oh well, here’s the story behind my starry starry night 😛

Last Friday, after my class I decided to gave myself a reward.. alrighty .. visiting Ronald again .. *nom* and while sitting alone there, Fia and I were texting and conversation is lil thrilled, I got intrigued  so I asked her to come and join me at Mcdonalds 😉 And yes she came, we talked till I received a text message from my mom, asking if where I am. Checking the time, 6 minutes to go before 11pm.. LOL .. Yes, we had a fun chit chat that we don’t even notice the time 😛 At that hour, jeepney is very rare so we decided to walked to main high way.. waiting for what we called Motorela.


         One motorela came and the moment I got in there’s a guy smiling at me.. as in a big smile 😀 then of course I smiled back! (Wheew) I’m being impolite if I’m not going to smile back.. right?!! But actually, deep inside.. my mind in wandering O.O LOL … and he even offered me the vacant space beside him for he thought that fia hasn’t enough space to sit beside me then I replied, ‘No, it’s ok’.

What’s weird was he is so familiar to me!! I don’t know but, he really is. 😉

Fia was sleeping over at our place cos obviously its really late then again another fun chit chat with her about what just happened. Wheew.. Honestly he is cute.. fia even said that and she rarely appreciate man’s looks 😉 What a big bang Friday the 13th for me!

That night, a thought came to my mind:

 ~ Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’? Uhmm, how about that feeling like … by first moment you saw that person and it feels like you already knew him/her for a very long time? hmmm?!! Do u? Have u been there? I just did.. 😉 LOL

Oh well… I got still hang over with that guy 😛