Because We Are Human

Why does doing things in a right way takes thousands of problem where all we want is a fair and better life to live? Does change really hard to achieve?

It’s an easy question if we’re taking an essay type exam but why is it difficult to do things in a fair play way? Why does power, money and status matters when we are all equal in the eyes of God. Is it because we are human?


Google Recognize Our Independence Day!

6.12.12 , Philippines celebrating its 114th Independence Day and with that, I want to express my gratitude.

Thank you for all the people who fight for our freedom, to the heroes who sacrifice their lives, to the public servant who truthfully give their compassion towards their fellowmen and to the people who are willing to serve and give their all to their motherland. Thank you for never giving up. Let’s protect, care and love everyone. We might been through a lot of tragic but here we are, still looking up and respecting our nation and I hope it won’t fade how we give value of what we had and what we have because of what our Independence brought us, good or bad, its a gift from Heaven for us to stay stronger as time make us.

Happy Independence Day All.

I hope you are having a great day. Feel the freedom that once we had.