Need I Say More?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”

laugh laugh laugh

I still can’t get over it, I still laugh when I see this in my news feed nor timeline. LOL

Oh Techy World!

Tonight’s prompt is perfect for a good laugh time.

It’s ‘tonight‘ because it’s always in my 8 pm and you might be wondering why I said a good laugh time, I will tell you but first I will answer the prompt’s question:

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

What I miss is  my first cellular phone ever, the Nokia 3310, it was on August 2007. It was not brand new but it was sentimental because dad gave me that phone (see? I still remember the month and year, lol). Unfortunately, the first week I had that phone my classmate unintentionally sat my bag where exactly my phone was placed. The ringtone was gone, as in totally out of tone but it was back when I accidentally dropped my phone on January 2008. HAHA

So what’s funny? Because I wanted to feature/include a picture of Nokia 3301 in this post I searched it on Google Image, found lots of funny and true facts photos about 3310 as well.

Here are the few of them:

So, what’s on your mind?

Photo are all borrowed from Google Image results!

NEW: Blog Game Award!

Okay Blogosphere! What is up? Nothing? Nothing is up on me tho! How’s is that?

34minutes as I wrote this, Daphnee tagged me a post on Facebook and to my surprised it’s a blog award! O.O ( me clicking the link and hola )…. whoooOot another game craze happening here on WordPress. Isn’t it cool? 😛 And as I go reading daph’s post I found out that ate_Cel of Puddinggirl also nominated and tagged me in her post( here )!

Hey sweet and gorgeous ladies … thank you so much for thinking of my wonderful blog and me ^^

And here are the rules:

Blog Award Game: Since these awards are all about getting to know each other, fill in the blanks with things I might think/say/do in the following situations (feel free to make these up):

The craziest thing I’ve done is _____________________________________

I can’t believe you _____________________________________________

My favorite thing is ____________________________________________

The last time I was at a psychiatrist they ______________________________

I’m sorry, I __________________________________________________

Of course anyone is welcome to play this game on your own blog with your readers. Send me the link and I will try to guess what you might do. Thanks again!


Hep …… let’s get things done folks .. ready? me? very! be invade!

The craziest thing I’ve done is  the thing I did!

I can’t believe you  are not me!

My favorite thing is  to dance and sing!

The last time I was at a psychiatrist they didn’t get any findings!

I’m sorry, I  am just so nonsense! Handle me?

Ate_Cel, u know my answers 😛 so do u Daph 😉

And now .. should I tagged you?

heck .. do this guys! To the people on my blogRoll .. hope you do this too! Wanna add to mention Bailey, Addie, Penny! 😉


Thanks so much guys for dropping by and adding stats on my blog! HAHA. Enjoy!

– Crazy Shira