Don’t Let It Melt


Do you wish to have that big cone as well? I’m missing pistachio ice cream. Hmm! Continue reading

Holiday Blast

Last night, Ice cream was came to my senses so I went to McDonals (visiting Ronald again πŸ™‚ ). McFlurry is always my choice πŸ˜€ What’s yours? LOL

McFlurry with OREO cookies


But I just knew last night that McDonalds have a Holiday Blast and one of their blast is the new McFlurry.

New McFlurry (Holiday Blast)

McFlurry with milk chocolate (cadbury):P


eEhhh .. its too sweet … πŸ˜› I never thought that t’was really TOO sweet .. LOL

I’m not depressed nor stress to crave that much sweetness πŸ˜›

And throat mishap .. LOL

So the next time If I’ll visit Ronald, McFlurry with Oreo is much better than the new one πŸ™‚










Ice Cream Is Melting

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream? (raise your right hand. Who? Looks to the right, looks to the left, looks up, looks down! No one?) Well, I guess everyone loves it. πŸ˜‰


But no matter how yummy it looks like and no matter how sweet it tastes, stillΒ ice cream melts, and suddenly it becomes less appealing.

This keeps me thinking. At the end of the day, why do lovers decided to walk apart?