Wonderful Life



Life is full of surprises, challenges, happy moments and memorable things is always part of it. Life could be more wonderful if we could smile even we endure so much of pain. Cry, smile then laugh. That’s life should be.



Episode 14 till finale of Wonderful Life (K-drama) is very touching. A child always get our heart.

Not a blunt opinion, just a reality!

Last night, I was in the first birthday celebration of my friend’s baby. I enjoyed the lil reunion of with my high school buddies 😀 I got lot of fun and laughter until the moment we  were in the ‘Moterela’. I stopped to divisoria to took a Jeepney. Then as the Jeepney was in the public market area, I saw a very upsetting scenario.

There was a guy with his motorbike, in front of him was a kid holding something a ball. The guy tried, noo, not just tried but he really gave a fist on that kiddo’s head. And didn’t get contended, he stepped out from his bike and got nearer to the kid which gave him a chance to give a clearer fist to the kiddo’s head! 😥

DAMN… DUDE.. DUDE… MENNNNNN… He is just a kid. If he did something wrong then a physical reprimand is NOT a good stand. I really don’t know the whole story but I, the passengers in the Jeepney saw that scenario and we pity that kiddo 😦 The reality here in Philippines, poverty is very prone, there are families who live in streets. So maybe that kid was playing the ball then accidentally threw it towards the guy, or whatever. But jeez, there’s a better option than that, right? Just saying…

Now, I remember one of Tom’s post , he get upset every time he hears in the news that children are the victims! Hmm I don’t know either some time I got a phobia, no not really like that but every time there are kids around me I get scared because they can say what they want to say! They’re not aware that their words are like a knife and could nearly kill my heart. Tho, I realized last night I still do have a heart for them, I still have the heart of the kids whom I afraid of. Not really that I hate them. Big guys/girls must understand how kids act in their age.

Just expressing some thought about this.. What you think?

Improve our thoughts!

Two kids lying in bed under a blanket…

Kid1: I’m a boy. How about you?

Kid2: I don’t know

Kid1: Wait.. I’ll check (he went under the blanket and) …. hey.. You’re a girl!!

Kid2: How did you know?

Kid1: Because my socks are blue and yours are pink!

Improve our thoughts.. They’re just kids! 😀


Hmmm.. I received this text message late last night tho I only have a chance to read in my morning..just wanna share this … Cute.. isn’t it?! 🙂

Whoot Whoot

Does my title seems like a lively one? Well, it really does 🙂 cos am having a VERY good day .. good vibes .. 🙂

While am taking my early bath (does really need to share? Yes cos from that got something to post something lively then :P) as I’ve said as I taking my bath, a thought suddenly crossed my precious mind 😛 😛 and suddenly also vanish as I writing this down .. wahaha . u might kill me reading this nonsense post 😛 😛 though thank you for the time.

My morning sky is present 🙂 🙂 i mean morning sky is full of stars and moon, my precious moon is showing up, waving its light like saying, hey Nenskei/Shira I’m right up here, come and get me! LOL .. As honestly speaking, I’m really in love with the moon if only if I can fly and sleep over there WHY NOT, I’m crazy much about moon especially when its full moon, perfectly circle and the its light simply mesmerize me a lot. 😉 Counting the star as I taking every step I make, be compelled with their magical scenes, placing each one another. 😉

Alright, alright, I remember now, lol, the thought that crossed my mind while taking my bath was the movie “Despicable Me”. 😉 Stealing the moon?!! What a genius idea, but does it really possible then? wahaha

Aside that this is really funny, there’s also a moral thoughts that you can get from this awesome movie 🙂 A relationship of  your family, and fatherhood. Though the main character just uses the lil kids to do such schemes, he still find the true love from those tender loving lil girls 🙂 . He’s not married, don’t have girlfriend  and love is nowhere to found for him. But sometimes, not sometimes but God really sent angels to make you feel that your not alone in this earth 🙂 that somehow despite of negativity you have, you tend to switch it to positive thoughts cos you’ve got a every reason to. Kids brought happiness, they also make us smile and laugh and my niece do also the same 😀

The picture above that Gru reading a story for Agnes? Wow, this is really a perfect moment with your kid. Its cute watching my partner doing that to our kids. (Though, sure that will happen someday not now. not yet 😛 ) I mean, those fathers out there, out here, reading this, have you spent time with your kids like this? I got a friend that really close to his lil lady and he does every thing a father could do 😉 He talk to her daughter as a bestfriend, you see how cute is that? And I can freshly remember he said that chatting/talking to her daughter as early as she used to is more better that later when she find it weird. That honestly I find it amazing cos, me and my dad is not really doing that and when we try, yes it feels good though lil awkward! 😛 turn out be a lil shy conversation though we do it oftentimes and suddenly turn out be a funny talk cos dad good on making things lil funny 😛 🙂 I just miss the days when I, my lil bro and dad have fun playing video games, Super Mario!! LOL ♥♥♥

An intro is lil funny and turn out to be lil dramatic? wahahaha … moody moody 😛 😛

My adorable and cute niece

Toddlers make people happy!!

Yesterday while I was eating “Peanut Kisses” at balcony, I shared and gave some to my niece, Lean. What surprised me was she said “lamat” (It’s cuteeeeeeeeeeee 😉 ). Lamat is a shortcut of Salamat which means THANK YOU. And when we heard it from her, my mom and I really laugh. As in when you heard a kid saying that even they pronounce it incompletely it just bring you smile all the way!!  😀

Here she is:

Cute Lean


This Expression of her? We can't resist to smile even she's done lil crazy things!! 😀