Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


Yesterday, we finally tried the Korean liquor we are curious about, the Soju!

I won’t say anything about Soju here, better try it yourself šŸ˜› HAHAHA

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

A Movie Review: Sad Movie

Each and every one of us has its own favorite and worst movie ever, right? Different genre yet all reflects in our life! Movie is what we actually seen in real life! Rowan Atkinson,Ā Russel Peters who else made u laugh? In love story, I adore Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway,Ā Rachel McAdams. Well, that’s all for Hollywood. In Philippine Stars, Oh geez.. Star Magic Talents are always been awesome for me!

Okay, I’m telling you all of these? Ā Last Sunday, while fia and I feltĀ boredom .. we decided to go in movie marathon!! šŸ˜€ She borrowed dvd’s and all are Korean movies, well.. we’re kinda Korean fanatic also! One title catches my interest. ‘SAD MOVIE’ šŸ˜‰

Movie starts with a lil jolly mood šŸ™‚ t’was cute..really! Tho, as the movie goes to 1/4 of the story. My tears fell. šŸ˜› Yeah.. Crying over till the movie ends!! Ahaha, even fia too.. She said, her tears didn’t get shy because she’s watching it with me.. nyahaha.. no teases happened because I lead the crying ladies show šŸ˜›

The characters:

~ a girl who’s deaf and mute

~ her sister who is normal, news interpreter for deaf & mute and has a fireman boyfriend.

~ a guy who’s jobless! oohh, he’s humanĀ punching bagĀ that has a cashier girlfriend who broke up with her.

~ there’s a clumsy painter. who admire a snowhite mascot and that mascot is the first girl I mentioned.

~ a working mom which been hated by her own son

Snowhite mascot has a crush in that painter. Because she also help him everytime he drop his things, somehow he likes her so he wanted to paint the face behind that cute mascot! Their story went sad when the guy need to go abroad to study tho, before he leave he meet the that girl without wearing that snowhite mascot and paint her twice! šŸ˜‰

That working mom has a cancer. The saddest part of her story is, her son began to love her when she’s almost dying. They didn’t given a chance to spend MORE time. šŸ˜¦

The day after that jobless guy been broke up by his girlfriend he’s walking down to his home when he passed by in a telephone booth, a girl asked for his help. She asked him to say to his boyfriend that she’s breaking up with him because she can’t do it. Then, an idea came to his mind and that thought become his job called ‘Break UP Agency’ . Someone just email him with full details and he will be the one to say it. Isn’t it great? LOL. The story went sad, when someone emailed him. It’s a guy who will breaking up to his girlfriend and that girl is his ex-gf which he truly love. t’was his second to the last client. U know who was his last client? The son of that working mom, he wants to say to her mom that.. she need to fight and be well again and he’ll promise to be good forever. That is a different case since he started that job tho, he decided to end that interesting job.

And saddest story in that movie is about that news interpreter and his fireman boyfriend. The girl wanted that his boyfriend to propose, well..no issues because they both really in love with each other. You know what her reason? Because if the guy will propose to her, somehow before he enter and rescue others in the fire.. he’ll think of her first and be determine to get out in that fire safely. This part was really the heart breaking point. He waited for her girlfriend in a restaurant, he even practiced on how to say it šŸ˜‰ Cute, isn’t it?!! The girl still at work, when there’s a news came… saying that there are dead in a fire and including in the list is her sweet ever boyfriend. That stopped her track. šŸ˜¦ Day after that incident, the head of his boyfriend asked her to come in their office to give something. That’s his things including the ring and there’s a video tape also. That tape shows what happened in the fire while they wereĀ investigating the incidentĀ theyĀ found somethingĀ . At the end if the tape, his boyfriend do the signĀ languageĀ that says: I LOVE YOU FOREVER!! That his last message to his girlfriend.

Then our tears fell all down!! šŸ˜¦

It’s a sad movie indeed! šŸ˜¦