Together As One!

We have learned, I do not know at what price and what cost, that a nation must develop together, or not at all.

~Blas F. Ople

A Wordless Wednesday lesson for today! And this what I learned,

We should read Newsmagazine/Journal often to be more updated of Government’s action and laws that we might be avail. We should open our eyes not just to negative side we are in.



A Blue Butterfly Wednesday everyone šŸ™‚


We look them up cos we thought we knew them that much!

We look them up cos we’re all circle of the family!

We look them up cos we trust them much!


But now, the truth wake us up. Their true colors are showing up and this reality we can’t even take to accept the fact that their hearts are too much in selfishness!


We all know what the law says!

We all aware what was happened in the past years!

We all know that we never betray them!

We all know what’s that truth behind those lies!


But at least I can say enough …

DespiteĀ everything they’ve said about my family, we still manage to have the purity of heart that God gave us!

I’m so proud of us and although our youngest is still innocent from this issue, soon as he grows up I know he’ll be proud of us!