Just Learn To Let Go

Just Learn To Let Go

You’ll thank yourself one day for doing it.

Holding into nothing!

Art Title: Flew
Medium: Watercolor | Sketch Pad

It’s not easy to give up but what’s easy is. to let go when you know you’re holding into nothing!

Quote ©Shira2012

Those words flew away!

Please don’t be afraid.

I don’t know how many times this would be for you but,

just try!

Try to risk something that your heart want too!

I’m not asking anything from you,

but could you?

Could you please utter those words?

Those words that I need to hear from you,

right straight from you.

But at this moment,

these things am asking to

sounds to be meaningless.

It won’t work anymore,

cos the day you decide to walk away

those words flew away too!