Make Your Own Havaianas! ( MYOHCDO2014 )

I was early today at Spruce Limketkai to surely won’t miss this biggest flip-flops customization event that only happens once a year.(Am I right? lol) I was really waiting for this event to come here in CDO and finally, day 1 has come. For the first time I chose my flip-flops  matching combo design! 🙂 Thanks Spruce for making this happen!

I chose the lake green Top Sole and I chose the marine blue for my straps. Unfortunately, marine blue is not available for my size 😦 but thanks to James, who assembled my pair of havaianas, for helping me in choosing the match color strap for my lake green sole. James suggested the neon pink strap which I agreed on and chose hipsicle pin. So, camera roll it! 😛

The documented photos while he assemble my flip-flops 😛

The Shy Smile 😛 LOL


I so love it! ❤ ❤ ❤

And guess what ..

You will have one free original glazed doughnut of Krispy Kreme! What can I say? They really collaborated! 😉 lol

I enjoyed it. My first time to meet James, The Chubby Buddy, as well! 😉

Kagayanons, you still have until May 20 to decide your match made design flip-flops 😉

Life is full of Surprises

I woke up this morning with full hope.  My morning started so beautifully. The sunlight strike into my skin. The lively day into my soul.

I am headed to the shop and took Bugo liner, as I sit, I noticed that there is two jeepney conductor, but I just didn’t mind it. Along the road when a man paying his fare, there was a little argument between that man and the jeepney conductor 1. Then I started to observe and I found out that jeepney conductor 1 is there to teach the jeepney conductor 2 about the price fare and to mentor how to do his job.

Deep down in my heart, I felt happiness, thinking that jeepney conductor 2 is trying to have income decently. I’m not judging or what here but, as far as I know, what reality is, one of the factors why crime increases because of the high unemployment rate. It’s just so good to know that people still have hope to live their life even in the least income job but in the most decent way.

The next scenario I saw while still on the jeepney was, along Capistrano Street here in Cagayan de Oro, a half paralyze man is taking his morning walk. The determination that he has is so uplifting.

The third scenario I wanted to share in this post is that I saw a Plymouth Car of 1940, so vintage. I salute the owner of that car.

Plymouth Car of 1940

I didn’t take a photo but what I saw was color red, I just borrowed this photo from Google Image result. 😛


If There’s Love

If there’s love, why we feel pain of loneliness?

If there’s love, why we’re crying?

If there’s love, why we’re arguing?

If there’s love, we’re not contented?

If there’s love, why we’re yelling?

If there’s love, why we’re thinking our ego?

If there’s love, why we’re walking separate ways?

If there’s love, why there are battered wife?

If there’s love, why we’re filing annulment?

If there’s love, why there are broken home?

If there’s love, why we’re thinking much of money?

If there’s love, why we’re at war?

If there’s love, why we can’t see peace?

If there’s love, why there are children at street begging for some money?

If there’s love, why discrimination showing up?

If there’s love, why bullies are there?

If there’s love, why we’re not respecting people?

If there’s love, why I’m asking these all? 

List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

Cost of living now is really high and if you don’t strive to live then surely you can’t survive. But another interesting title post wp suggestion,  if money didn’t matter what job will you pursue?

Here’s mine:

First: I just love to be a volunteer in any humanitarian program, especially in United Nation’s programs.

Second: I love to be an assistant chef. Foods are awesome, learning new recipes from my Chef would be great. Cooking for people is a lovely feeling.

Third: I just love to paint all day. Even I’m not good at it, even it’s my forte, and even painting doesn’t love me I still want to an artist.


What’s yours, I’m curious?