Why people so afraid of?

If there’s an incident that will happen, would you do precautionary action to avoid it? If there’s any calamity coming and you have the ability to stop it, would you really stop it?

As I wake up this morning, many questions suddenly poke my mind! What’s the sense of all the safety regard from the things that can’t really be avoided. I got this imagination of mine, if there’s any calamity coming towards me… MAYBE I’ll just sit around and waiting for it. It’s a matter of Life and Death. If it is my time then let it be. After a long run, death is waiting for us and our body will decay. Why people are so afraid to die when the price of it seeing God? Is it because, life is so beautiful and living is less painful and more happiness it brings? There could more happier living with God’s grace. It’s an everlasting life and you will see eternity!

Just a thought from Shira!

Suppose to be a good day!

Alright, I cant really help it and wanna post some thoughts here. This day supposed to be a great, lovely, cheerful day for me! BUT everything is really drifting to opposite side of what my heart wants! 😦

I waited for something that could really make my day to something but not really convincing! 😦 I got this first day thing 😦 And this pain really gives a destruction 😦 . My computer was crashed down and all I wanna do is to cry 😦 . Thus Mozilla gives me a hard a time to start on! And all I see is things are pissing me off 😦




Share five things you’re thankful for.

The title of this post was one of the suggestion of wp that catches my thought … so let me begin then .. 😛

I know there are lots of things to be thank of…. but five things I’m thanking for are:


I’m thanking God for the life the he let me borrow that till now he’s still. With this, my eyes can still captures wonderful things that a latest high tech cam can’t.


I’m thanking Parents. I know mama and papa bringing much problem now, still they’re showing some love, care and support for their children (that’s us).


I’m thanking my Sister for being so loving, she’s working FAR away from us so I misses her a lot especially at my nights cos we used to sleep at one bed, I miss hugging her. 🙂


I’m thanking my friends for inspiring me not only friends who I mingle personally but also online especially here in wp.


The fifth one might sounds ridiculous but just want to say this anyways…

I’m thanking myself for being of WHO I REALLY AM….. standing on my dreams and making it nearer to my hands is a great thing I can do for my own self.


There it is … 😀 😀

What things you’re thankful for?