Sigh. Smile. Live

Reality hurts but faith endures our pain.

-Shira =D

We Just Need To Cry!

I woke up this morning so tired, t’was still early 3am so I went back to sleep waiting for the time when I am suppose to stand up and go shower. Wake up call came and took long for me to go shower, my eyes still falling and my body just can’t resist but yes, I need to keep going. Shower helped a bit, when I am preparing my stuff I feel so stupid.      Didn’t prepare my school uniform last night, didn’t fix my things. I am not ready for the day. When I was my way downstairs, bag is heavy added pain to my back. Yes my back hurts, it started yesterday. Everytime I laugh, smile, take a deep breath the more it hurts. I was almost going to drop the book and notebook that I am holding and throw away my bag but still I went down and ate breakfast almost 5am. As I am eating I recall what my bestfriend told me, “You should start counting on yourself”.
Carrying my bag and school stuff I am holding in my hands without asking my friend to help me, is this counting on myself? If I am almost giving up everything (stop school and quit job) this day how much more in coming days that I need to face all alone and not depend on others?

Some times, I just need to cry.

Monday Starting This Way!

Heavy Rain



Almost an hour ago, I was just starring at the monitor waiting if something will pop out. To my surprised wind is rustling and it scares me. As what I want to expect but someone caught me in me a bad weather. Tell me, how you supposedly handle two horrible things at one particular moment? Then not later on, heavy rain, thunder and lightning just smashing up that makes me run and hide to my little chaotic room.

My point is, can you picture out how does my Monday starts? It started that way!

How will you feel if you are in this moment?

Fixed Me!

The drum rolling

Rolling through you

You, fix me to be done

Fix me, for I am fragile

Fix me, for I am decently vigorous

Fix me, for you steal my soul

Fix me, for you rip my innocence

Fix me, for you are my dirty pleasure

Fix me, for me to be and drive you freely

Fix me, for my desire rested upon you

Fix me, for my fingertips runs toward you

Fix me, for everything falls so damn right

Fix me for this loneliness is a creature to be dumped

Fix me before I lose control

Fix me while my dignity is still here

Fix me and I lick you down to hell

Fix me and make sure it well be done before fixing me is a damn so wrong

Fix me babe and I will be yours without a doubt

Poetry ©Shira2012

Holding into nothing!

Art Title: Flew
Medium: Watercolor | Sketch Pad

It’s not easy to give up but what’s easy is. to let go when you know you’re holding into nothing!

Quote ©Shira2012

Stop and Lost in a Moment

I’m still here.

Standing alone waiting for your hands to get mine.

When will you be back?

Should I still wait for the time that we will be together?

Should I just let destiny unnoticed my love that I have for you? 

Does your heart still beat as mine?

Or should I ask,

Does your heart beat just like my heart beats for you?

Does our heart shout for the same desire?

I stop and lost in a moment in this dark lonely forest,

will you ever come to save me?

My heart is not lost and only pointing into one direction,

coming towards you!