Who Are The Strong One ….

For me…..

A man that cries and show his tears is strong enough to show his feelings, emotions and how weak he can be …


The Problem and The Reason

No matter how you want to be understood, you can always be misunderstood especially when people jump directly to their conclusion without even asking you and give you a chance to explain, without even knowing the real story and reasons behind those phenomenon!

Be frank enough!

Be a man who stand to his words!

Be a lady who stand to what she believe! 

~ Shira

Write to express

A typical guy who is very in love with his lovely girl. The words he said is truly come from his loving heart. He wrote it very well but not much to express for what he felt inside. A letter of Sensation will tell you everything about the love we love to be love.  

I always give credit to your writings Paul though I know you’re still new to this stuff, hope you write more 😉

See his post at:  http://pauldarylmesiona.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/a-letter-of-sensation/