Shiradventurist: At Paco Park

Shiradventurist: At Paco Park

It was just a typical day, little that I know I’ll be able to visit one of the favorite Park in Manila. That park that I only have seen on TV or movies – The Paco Park. Continue reading

Inside the Oceanarium

Inside the Oceanarium

In my third visit in Manila I finally able to make it at Manila Ocean Park! Taking UV Express Van from Paranaque where I stayed, DG Budget Hotel, to Roxas Boulevard cost Php 30.00.


I bought the Deep Sea Rush ticket for only Php 550.00, it’s a promo rate so it’s not that out of budget. Haha Lining up to buy a ticket won’t take that long, thumbs up for the fast tellers/cashiers. Sea Lion Show is my first stop.

After seeing those very cute sea mammals I head up directly to Oceanarium where you can find tons and a different sea creature that you haven’t seen yet.  If you are fond of Koi fish you might want to feed them but the pleasure of feeding them is not free. Stonefish is the weirdest yet interesting creature I’ve ever seen here. When you hear the Antarctic lovely Penguin are there, although I didn’t enter The Penguin Quest at least I experienced the Trails of Antarctic moment. HAHA

This is where I enjoyed myself most, welcome to the Jellies: Dancing Sea Fairies Exhibit. I was really amazed to these different jellies in the showroom, what my eyes seen goes through my heart.

Experienced the Sharks & Rays dry encounter in Ocean Park as well.

I didn’t watch the musical fountain show anymore cos it’s scheduled at 6:30 pm and my time is very limited as well. I need to go in Divisoria for the not-so-shopping list. I enjoyed my little time at Manila Ocean Park, I hope you enjoyed the photos I’ve shared here. It was a blueish day! 😉

For more inquiries about Manila Ocean Park, visit their official website at


Wherever we are, we found people that we bound to share our beliefs, culture and interest! A Community.

Welcome to Manila Chinatown 🙂


During my visit in Manila, I got a chance to go to Chinatown. The next time I will be here I will make sure to buy their most popular delicacy, Hopia! Hmmmp. Should I try the restaurant that serves exotic foods too? I am curious! Hehe


Actually, this is the main entrance from Intramuros!

Anxiety Or???

To go or not to go?

To buy or not to buy?

These two question are always on my mind for over a week now!

I really really really want to go far away from where I am now even just for awhile. (Give me money!!!)

And I really really really want to buy or to have a phone that can access PDF file! (Give me money!!!)

Whatever to myself! 😛

Which of which though?

DP: Anxiety