Meeting Ronald McDonald

I am blessed ‘cos for the second time around I met him personally!

Yes, seeing Ronald simply made my day. M for Magical Moments in McDonald’s. Haha

happy …

But the photo below was our first picture together.

Oh girl!

The first time I met Ronald was during the re-opening of McDonald’s Divisoria in Cagayan de Oro. And last April 25, Puregold McDonald’s of Cagayan de Oro had their grand opening with a blast. We even enjoyed their free photo booth.

I was with my sis(lady in white), cousin(lady in blue), niece and mom but she didn’t join in the picture.

How about you, have you meet Ronald?

Numb Turning To A Health Freak Conscious

Before anything else, I wanna greet and say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mom through out the world especially to my, to our mama who’s been so loving to us! Hope you’ll continue to be our light and you will always be our mama no matter what happen!


Just so you know guys, I am more in healthy stuff now and less unhealthy! (weeeeee Shira?) Hmm, yeah! I am trying much, trying to be healthy in a simple way! I started my afternoon jog, maybe not everyday tho atleast I’m taking some action to it! Many says and I found it true that “taking jog adds another year of your life” I’m afraid I can’t do it when semester starts this June! Classes are in afternoon so, for sure my body will stuck up again, be burnt out and tired! Been doing hola hoop at home too. Maybe I should invade push-up and others at home too! (shrugs)

In terms of food, well most of you knew that I am a McDo fan. Uuughhh, well sorry for myself cos I will truly minimize eating Ronald’s product! No, I’m not gonna quit eating just a lil control of those food. And if possible want to eat only vegetables, rice and others that so acceptable for healthy menu 😉 Proud to say, before I really eat veggies tho lately been eating veggies A LOT 😀

And at this moment! I’m having a cold 😦 the worst common sick I always have. It drives my eyes to teary mode also. Why I’m sharing this is, someone suggest me to do something. When he knew I have cold he told me to get ginger, honey and hot water then mash them up in one cup! I only sliced a 3 small pieces of ginger and  put it in the cup where honey and hot water is already mixed. I didn’t PUKE (almost tho, hmm..not really). I didn’t puke tho the taste is so strange to me. I don’t eat ginger nor drink any liquid that has ginger! Just now! Honey! I love honey! Papa always recommend me, us to take honey when we are having cough! I don’t know if it is really effective tho just starting to drink it. How does it make me feel better? Does it really effective? Hehehe, Hope you can answer my curiosity! 😛

Once again,

Happy Mother’s Day


I’m a certified McDo Girl! McDoholic !!!

For 55php a medium fries and one float
Orginal price:
Green Apple – 29php
Medium Fires – 45php
Saved 19php (not bad)

The Yummiest Green Apple Float
Perfect, Terrific, Taste like Heaven! UGH…
(my second combo at the same afternoon)
One more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I’m a McDo Girl!

I’m a McDo Girl ©Shira2012

I’m Walking On Sunshine Ohwhoa! ;)

I’m in love with Xian Lim when he sing this for Mcdo Commercial for McFloat Summer Medley! I tried the Green Apple Float yesterday and t’was so terrific. I even got two order of combo! Tho, I’m looking forward to try the BlueBerry. Many said it taste like a med, hmmm…. lemme try some other time! Tho I’m really hooked with Green Apple. One of their crew ask to interview me, just for short survey about their store, products, services and suggestion. Well, lucky for them cos yesterday was a perfect set of orders. So, I gave them an excellent review. (Yes, I know I’m kind). Hello I’m a regular customer of Lim Ketkai McDonal’s Store. I’m looking forward to try all the floats before the promo ends, before the summer ends indeed. So to all Filipinos/Noypi out there especially Kagay-anons, LET’S WALK ON SUNSHINE 😀

I’m a Mcdo Girl ©Shira2012

Its Wena’s birthday :)

Hi weng… I know it’s kinda late tho… wanna blog your Bday 😛 ahaha January 15, Sunday.. gloomy…and rainy day. I don’t have plans at that day except going to National Bookstore(School Supply Store) to buy a marker! 😉 Then I received a text message from the birthday girl, saying.. ‘the mass is done’ 🙂 .. then I replied something silly that make us to end up meeting at Ronald store 😛 (grin) I’ve waited there for 25-30min I guess.. then she’s with darrel 😉 the most supportive buddy of her .. LOL … while waiting for the other, which is mords.. somehow I’m glad that I made wengay laugh … 😛 you know.. I cracked OA jokes! ahaha … I could make em crazy too 😛

The birthday girl 🙂 Wena's Darrel busy on his phone 😛

the most awaited guest, hi Mords 😛

hi..this is me 😛

A message for her:

Hi wengay! How have you been? LOL, ( As if we’re not seeing each other at school 😛 ) Sorry if I didn’t make it till night.. I wanted to tho… need to finish my report so…. I believe you’re having a good time with them at that day 😛 LOL, I know cos they always do 😉 NYahaha.. Warmest wishes for you and congrats.. You’re going to receive your diploma and going to march when this semester ends! 😀 So..we’re going to WAO too? nyahaha..right darx and mords? 😛

Happy birthday again wengay! Have a best in life 🙂

Maccas for stressful day!

Yesterday was ain’t that good to share with! So I’m not going to share the story about it! But instead, what makes feel better.

There’s a bee, good to talk with. LOL. And Fia, who I can always run to. She’s polite enough to go with me yesterday at the hooOoray store.

Not yet over in my Friday the 13th!

‘It’s a beautiful night
We’re looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you’

Oh yeah.. you perfectly heard it right!! Yes, I am singing … LOL .. Friday the 13th is indeed a beautiful night!! Why? Oh well, here’s the story behind my starry starry night 😛

Last Friday, after my class I decided to gave myself a reward.. alrighty .. visiting Ronald again .. *nom* and while sitting alone there, Fia and I were texting and conversation is lil thrilled, I got intrigued  so I asked her to come and join me at Mcdonalds 😉 And yes she came, we talked till I received a text message from my mom, asking if where I am. Checking the time, 6 minutes to go before 11pm.. LOL .. Yes, we had a fun chit chat that we don’t even notice the time 😛 At that hour, jeepney is very rare so we decided to walked to main high way.. waiting for what we called Motorela.


         One motorela came and the moment I got in there’s a guy smiling at me.. as in a big smile 😀 then of course I smiled back! (Wheew) I’m being impolite if I’m not going to smile back.. right?!! But actually, deep inside.. my mind in wandering O.O LOL … and he even offered me the vacant space beside him for he thought that fia hasn’t enough space to sit beside me then I replied, ‘No, it’s ok’.

What’s weird was he is so familiar to me!! I don’t know but, he really is. 😉

Fia was sleeping over at our place cos obviously its really late then again another fun chit chat with her about what just happened. Wheew.. Honestly he is cute.. fia even said that and she rarely appreciate man’s looks 😉 What a big bang Friday the 13th for me!

That night, a thought came to my mind:

 ~ Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’? Uhmm, how about that feeling like … by first moment you saw that person and it feels like you already knew him/her for a very long time? hmmm?!! Do u? Have u been there? I just did.. 😉 LOL

Oh well… I got still hang over with that guy 😛

Holiday Blast

Last night, Ice cream was came to my senses so I went to McDonals (visiting Ronald again 🙂 ). McFlurry is always my choice 😀 What’s yours? LOL

McFlurry with OREO cookies


But I just knew last night that McDonalds have a Holiday Blast and one of their blast is the new McFlurry.

New McFlurry (Holiday Blast)

McFlurry with milk chocolate (cadbury):P


eEhhh .. its too sweet … 😛 I never thought that t’was really TOO sweet .. LOL

I’m not depressed nor stress to crave that much sweetness 😛

And throat mishap .. LOL

So the next time If I’ll visit Ronald, McFlurry with Oreo is much better than the new one 🙂