I’m a certified McDo Girl! McDoholic !!!

For 55php a medium fries and one float
Orginal price:
Green Apple – 29php
Medium Fires – 45php
Saved 19php (not bad)

The Yummiest Green Apple Float
Perfect, Terrific, Taste like Heaven! UGH…
(my second combo at the same afternoon)
One more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I’m a McDo Girl!

I’m a McDo Girl ┬ęShira2012

I’m Walking On Sunshine Ohwhoa! ;)

I’m in love with Xian Lim when he sing this for Mcdo Commercial for McFloat Summer Medley! I tried the Green Apple Float yesterday and t’was so terrific. I even got two order of combo! Tho, I’m looking forward to try the BlueBerry. Many said it taste like a med, hmmm…. lemme try some other time! Tho I’m really hooked with Green Apple. One of their crew ask to interview me, just for short survey about their store, products, services and suggestion. Well, lucky for them cos yesterday was a perfect set of orders. So, I gave them an excellent review. (Yes, I know I’m kind). Hello I’m a regular customer of Lim Ketkai McDonal’s Store. I’m looking forward to try all the floats before the promo ends, before the summer ends indeed. So to all Filipinos/Noypi out there especially Kagay-anons, LET’S WALK ON SUNSHINE ­čśÇ

I’m a Mcdo Girl ┬ęShira2012