Just so you know….

I’m loving you more every time I pull myself away from you.

I’m loving you more every time I’m hating you.

One step away but five step back towards you.

I know it’s not fair, oh! when did these all been fair? huh?

I burn the paper where I wrote your name but the ashes still remain.

The photos that been stored were gone,

But I found myself looking at you in the sky.

The stars collaborated and draw your charming face.

You’re smiling in nature, I can still imagine how you do it.

If I could be a tree who stands strong for hundred years, will you smile at me?

Just so you know…

The shadow contemplates you!

The Abduction

You will see

the sorrow

of pain when

the darkness


the light.

You will see

death when

the ashes


your soul.

Would you still living

when all

the maddest

is all around you?

Would you still writing

when all

you can think of

is the memory of


How come

you drop by 


all you can 


is a