What We Did To Her Is Inhumane

What We Did To Her Is Inhumane

I woke up this morning feeling good for another ordinary day. I opened the Facebook app, scrolled down on my news feed, and I saw a post that was liked by my friend (click the link for news/topic). The featured image caught my attention, it is a photo of cutie patootie kiddo but reading the caption broke my heart more than any heart-broken-failed-hopeless-romantic feeling I ever had. Continue reading

Words where you are contended to hear!

Trusting You!

Was the the strongest message I got from you! Which made me think, do I still have your trust? Do I still gain it?!

Trust is somewhat the core soul of any relationship! Would you disagree!? I don’t know what will happen if trust is being betrayed. I don’t wanna know either knowing can’t control my emotions!

What made you smile today?

I check my formspring account this morning and answered some questions (and oh, if you want to ask something.. don’t hesitate to ask me at my formspring 😛  ), as i scroll down I saw a question, a question that catches my precious attention 😛 And that question is the title of this post 😉

Here’s my answer 😉 and I want to answer this question as what came first to my thought as I read that question….

Actually, a message that I received at 12mn made me smile and cry as well, I’m so sad last night, my heart was sad and I only shared what I felt to one person aside from HIM of what pain I endure last night. As I read his message, it suddenly turn me to smiling face and then again suddenly tears are pouring down to my cheeks as I typing my reply 😦

Thank you so much for makin’ me smile. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your sweetness thoughts that drive through my soul. Thank you for being there for me.  Thank for your being such a good friend. Your words means A LOT. 🙂