Because We Are Human

Why does doing things in a right way takes thousands of problem where all we want is a fair and better life to live? Does change really hard to achieve?

It’s an easy question if we’re taking an essay type exam but why is it difficult to do things in a fair play way? Why does power, money and status matters when we are all equal in the eyes of God. Is it because we are human?

Writing From the Heart: Question #2






Why? Play and simple….. Love is what we ever wanted in this earth, in this life! Finding LOVE satisfy your HAPPINESS and because you are happy it means you are  HEALTHY! In health, you have your body and be productive everyday which will gives you MONEY! Tell me?! When did you all been contended? People won’t be contended no matter how you may feed them. They wanted something everyday and give their best to reach it, that’s where FAME shows up!

Happy Writing Everyone!

Be happy like ne 😀 😀


People try to pretend to get what they want!

Last night, our Sunday night, together with my family we watched  ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’  .. You want to be a millionaire too? LOL and the second contestant was at her 100K question.. the question that been asked was, ‘where did  John Dillinger died’? The contestant doesn’t know the answer so she used her lifeline ‘50|50‘ and the only options left are, A. Church  B. Movie house/Theater , she answered A but she wasn’t really sure so she used another lifeline ‘call a friend‘. But her cousin didn’t know also the answer instead she give an advice to take it as ‘God’s feel‘. So she still choose A. The host, Vic Sotto A.K.A ‘bosing‘ keep on asking her and reminding that she still can use her another lifeline if she still unsure of the answer so go, she take her last lifeline which is the ‘people speak‘. Bosing asked the audience that for those who knows John Dillinger and watched  the movie should stand up and help the contestant, then the contestant will just choose three to help her. Bosing surprised because lots of audience stood up so it means, many in the audience know John Dillinger .. right? But when Bosing asked those three that the contestant chose.. all I can say is.. Oh my Gosh!! You know what.. they are not so sure of their answer because actually… they didn’t see the movie of even knew John Dillinger well but they just heard about him. ‘Her says‘ Which is actually pissed me off. And because A were answered by two out of three so she chose the letter A.Church as her final answer which lead her to the wrong answer.

In my side, ‘Public Enemy‘ is one of my most favorite movie of all time 😉 John Dillinger  played by Johnny Depp!! O.O men, its Johnny Depp 😉 Nice story and for those who didn’t see it yet, I recommend you to watch it. 😉

Alright, back on track… why it pissed me off? Because…. if those audience doesn’t know the certain and correct answer .. they could stay in their own seats and just listen in the show.. right? What if the contestant choose who really know the answer instead of those pretenders? maybe she even last in that game!! Well, if the contestant choose you and you give the correct answer, you will certainly get 20K cash. So…. who wouldn’t try their luck?!!

Just saying ……

List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

Cost of living now is really high and if you don’t strive to live then surely you can’t survive. But another interesting title post wp suggestion,  if money didn’t matter what job will you pursue?

Here’s mine:

First: I just love to be a volunteer in any humanitarian program, especially in United Nation’s programs.

Second: I love to be an assistant chef. Foods are awesome, learning new recipes from my Chef would be great. Cooking for people is a lovely feeling.

Third: I just love to paint all day. Even I’m not good at it, even it’s my forte, and even painting doesn’t love me I still want to an artist.


What’s yours, I’m curious?

Meeting People On Dating Sites

Nowadays, people just go to dating sites just to find someone and mingle. And today, my workmates shared their thoughts about this issue.

W1: Usually men today just want sex.

W2: The sincere one is who spends time chatting with you in long hours.

W3: Only a few remain so true today.

W4: You must know him first before everything else.

The worst thing is, some foreigner out there sees Asians as prostitute. Now, that’s below the belt.

Sorry folks. Could you not generalize Asian, please?! See people as an individual, not all are the same. Not all wants tons of dollars.