Retrieval …..

When we do things that we used to do, before we choose to keep moving. When we see and realize at some point that we are doing it back again just like how we did it for the first time before and rise again from the tinted past ,  the retrieval of ourselves is now saying that we already surpass and survive the pain that once we had.

~ Shira

Live happily wonderful people on earth! Leave sorrows behind. There are a lot people who loves us for who and how we are. Just the way we are!


What does it really mean when we say….

I’ve already moved on!

It means to forget everything, right? It doesn’t mean to totally forget everything. It’s just that, we’ll just gonna strip out the stink that once we had. Forgetting the things we used to. So changing is there. A lil change that helps us to cope up!!!



Cheer up!! hoOooOray 😉